oh no he did it again
i know a good one, hang on I'll give him a call

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» lol []
austo : listen ill have u kicked from kickflip, im roommates withd dara ;-;

KangyKangaroo: ok retard
peri: ok 'retard'

Lil Boops: moom i killed surf

hehehehehhehehe‎ : where tf r u nigga
*DEAD* hehehehehhehehe‎ : oh there
*DEAD* hehehehehhehehe‎ : there he is

[9:46 PM] - pyroduck: food time
[9:47 PM] - surf ★: burger time is better than gta5
[11:35 PM] - pyroduck: borgor

*DEAD* gonzoproof : should i get dominos or papa johns?
ThRiLLHoUsE : papa johns def
surf ★彡 : papa johns
surf ★彡 : fuck dominos
gonzoproof : word. papa johns it is

● surf ★彡‎ : get shit on kek
*DEAD* Pauly‎ : ah
*DEAD* Pauly‎ : a 4channer
*DEAD* Pauly‎ : basically the scum of the web

[7:10 PM] - ❄a rather festive surf❄: you like brockhampton
[7:10 PM] - pyroduck: no i aint a blue nigga

[9:46 PM] - ❄a rather festive surf❄: gamer fuel is fuckin dope
[9:49 PM] - pyroduck: gamer girl pee

*DEAD* Finnerre‎ : gay if kill T
*DEAD* lemur‎ : gay

*DEAD* thatfatboy : fuck off cuh
thatfatboy left the game (Removed from match by system)

[12:53 AM] - uwu?: hey uh lol i know this is kinda like random lol but i think you're a pretty cool person lol :p and i was wondering if you know uh play some video games sometime! i can play today if you can but to be honest im free all week haha! do you have skype? we could chat if you want lol its up to you :p i would love to see your face cause you sound pretty cute no lie lol! sorry if that was weird, i've just never really had a connection with someone like this over the internet! haha! so anyway yeah lets play some video games sometime! :p
[12:55 AM] - ★$u-prr★: you good fam

flipnrr : i need help

💙 Mama Lee 💙 : surf you fucking god

● (Counter-Terrorist) ● Hegly : do u even skate bro
● (Counter-Terrorist) ● KICKFLIP! surf : kickflip
● (Counter-Terrorist) ● Hegly : oh shit u do nvm

● *DEAD* IT'S FUCKING EMBARRASSING!‎ : you're so good
● IT'S FUCKING EMBARRASSING!‎ : like you know exactly where i was

Ink (Trade) : Surf you hacker. :D

Ricardo Milos has joined the game
GOD has joined the game

Dr.Pizzazz : Surf you flanking son of a beach

[10:50 PM] - pyroduck: i dont live in ghettoland usaq
[10:50 PM] - pyroduck: usa
[10:51 PM] - ❄a rather festive surf❄: now ur bringin my hood into this
[10:51 PM] - ❄a rather festive surf❄: wow
[10:51 PM] - ❄a rather festive surf❄: i dont live in tea n crumpet land dork
[10:51 PM] - ❄a rather festive surf❄: haah
[10:51 PM] - pyroduck: bitch im in the rough lands
[10:51 PM] - ❄a rather festive surf❄: nawww dude
[10:52 PM] - pyroduck: yall want some mf uhh tea
[10:52 PM] - pyroduck: @boston massachusets

● *DEAD* jedi‎ : spinbot
● cookies.dll‎ : eatbot
● jedi‎ : uwubot

FROYO b4nny : mad cuz bad

● *DEAD* cookies.dll‎ : shut up dfumby

*DEAD* Finnerre‎ : suck his dick
● *DEAD* DrexoOMFG‎ : you suck the mine

[4:53 PM] peri: i aint a playa i jus fuck a lot

★$u-prr★: yall ever had dick cheese fritata?

*DEAD* 💧Moist💧 : like how the fuck do i get autobalanced twice in the same game
💧Moist💧 : im a whore

[11:07 PM] pyroduck: dat surf lookin kinda fresh doe
[11:08 PM] ❄a rather festive surf❄: the name?
[11:08 PM] pyroduck: no them toes nigga

cookies.dll attacked a teammate.
cookies.dll abandoned the match and received a 24 hour competitive matchmaking cooldown.
El matá suegras ;)‎ : Nice guns of bor

[1:31 AM] - surf: theres a large gap in our dna history
[1:31 AM] - surf: fuck
[1:31 AM] - surf: we need to go back
[1:31 AM] - surf: we havent changed from when we were first made dude
[1:31 AM] - surf: its the fucking tarski paradox dude
[1:31 AM] - surf: we dont have much time
[1:35 AM] - ✞MimiCry✞: holy shit i think they got me
✞MimiCry✞ is now offline

[7:25 PM] - pyroduck: wake up counterstrike global headass
[7:25 PM] - pyroduck: global bitchboi

● *DEAD* BOOMHEADSHOT‎ : them hops tho
● BOOMHEADSHOT‎ : they dont hit your shots
● Fluffy Tiger Balls‎ : admin he's doing it sideways

pyroduck : haha ur grandpa couldnt shoot so he had to fly into his targets ha

surf : yo is that the real jane doe from tf2 (team fortress 2)
pyroduck : shut the fuck up jane doe team fortress 2

Snaroids‎ : surf" - 89 in 2 hits cool game glad its fre

surf: super? u mean that fucking cheater? FUCKKKKKK AHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK
super: i only cheat in source bro

surf : yo its bd joe from crazy taxi
*DEAD* B.D Joe : yep its really me

*DEAD* MCWarriorz‎ : Cloud9 (C9) is an American esports organization, which fields teams in Rocket League, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global
● cookies.dll‎ : no shit

*DEAD* Half A Grape : I like to drink Ms. Pauling's bath water
*DEAD* Kobe3k : miss paulies fine

● ツ daniel‎ : surf into my pussay

♥(BOT)Nameless♥ : lmao virgin
♥(BOT)Nameless♥ : at least my waifu loves me

*DEAD* dr1llin : you talking mad shit for a nigga in phlog range

[9:49 PM] - pyroduck: like
[9:49 PM] - pyroduck: do u rly call this a hotel i didnt even get a mint on my pillow

● ✞MimiCry✞‎: yall are mad because you guys are getting fucked in the ass

surf : i got my name cause its my favorite pokemon move
pyroduck : lmaoo
pyroduck : blastiose niggas be like
pyroduck : surf used surf

pyroduck : he's got compulsive retard disorder

Bubster : cough cough pussy
Bubster left the game (Disconnect by user.)

● ejb101‎ : 𝔂𝓪𝓵𝓵 𝓼𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓰𝓪𝔂 𝓪𝓼𝓼 𝓷𝓲𝓰𝓰𝓪𝓼 𝓯𝓻 𝓯𝓻

toriel from undertale : GTA San Undertale

*DEAD* stripedpolkadots‎ : predictable
● cookies.dll‎ : predictable
Morga Mein‎ : That's not sketchy at all
● cookies.dll‎ : gg 16-0
Mary Matrix‎ : ez report thank
Christopholobages‎ : uwu

[9:01 PM] pyroduck: buy me this
[9:10 PM] pyroduck: 'bitch' is typing..

● (Terrorist) ✞MimiCry✞‎ @ T Start : lmao ;(
● (Terrorist) ✞MimiCry✞‎ @ T Start : i wish i miss yalls cocks
● (Terrorist) ✞MimiCry @ T Start: not just in my ass nigga
● (Terrorist) ✞MimiCry @ T Start: in my mouth

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