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♦ Hypnosis ♦: I've tried that. I got there real shit now stole it off the forums
♦ Hypnosis ♦: He's a moron if he thought that worked tbh loool
Aromatic: u have their actual code?
♦ Hypnosis ♦: Ye
♦ Hypnosis ♦: Like 80% opf it
Aromatic: how?
♦ Hypnosis ♦: The gamemode will oad and all
♦ Hypnosis ♦: How?
♦ Hypnosis ♦: I hacked it?
♦ Hypnosis ♦: Their not so secure.

Vito: what happened then
Vito: he put a rat on the sql
rotten soul: u think im telling u
Vito: on the dedi
rotten soul: $

(OOC) Killu4ever: you trying to ddos me don't blame me if they find you

Name: Jones S
Submitted by:

I've tracked an user who has been sharing links which will steal your IP address,. He has disguised them as images.
The way he does is embedding the image to SMF forums, all you have to do is open the PM this user sends you to get your IP stolen. He then proceeded by DDoSing multiple IP's from our community forums.
Here's a link to the most recent URL this criminal shared shared:
A moment ago - Rick: tfw a kiddie goes on hackforums and then memes the fuck out of your community

(OOC) jack sparrow: beautiful
(OOC) Zach: kys stupid ass faggot
(OOC) Zach: I'll hit your ass offline 24/7 when i get your stupid ass i
(OOC) Zach: ip

(OOC) SvK: Oh really?
(OOC) SvK: I couldnt tell with supreme being level 99
(OOC) Custard: what else is it then shii?
(OOC) SvK: and him just like brute forcing into the dedi every 3 seconds
(OOC) Shii: you're saying thats why i dont makean forum account
(OOC) SvK: Because hacking into the dedi isnt exactly easy
(OOC) SvK: the forums, not so much

A moment ago - Pentagram: They're fixing the security holes, hey, its ok though, when they get your ip ur fucked in lawsuit its possible french guy

keetchay♔: he isn't smart.. he is just some twat who thinks it's fun to hack people, it's fucking illegal, he is a 13 year old cunt who thinks it's okay to hack and ddos people

11:55 - Xebra - Flow Network: Im guessing the way supreme managed to manipulate the server folders is by getting into the host
11:55 - Xebra - Flow Network: >.>
11:56 - Xebra - Flow Network: Then
11:56 - Xebra - Flow Network: They need a better host
11:56 - Bonk: how do u know all this
11:56 - Bonk: ur smart af
11:56 - Xebra - Flow Network: It's not that hard
11:57 - Xebra - Flow Network: It's common sense
11:57 - Xebra - Flow Network: "How would they edit server files?"
11:57 - Xebra - Flow Network: "Through the server host in which contains them"
11:57 - Xebra - Flow Network: c:

Aromatic: yeah
Aromatic: if someone doesnt like you
Aromatic: they can search the pastebin for your ip
Aromatic: and then ddos you
๖ۜBardock Son: fuck
๖ۜBardock Son: lucky I have the ddos defender
๖ۜBardock Son: it pops straight back to them

Vendetta: got some bad news
Vendetta: Pawsitive = main gwrp coder and he quit
Vendetta: so now they dont even have a coder
hola como estas: wtf
hola como estas: Why did he quit
Vendetta: he got hacked by supreme and RQ
Vendetta: Community is cancer and doesnt wanna help us
hola como estas: lol
Vendetta: LOL gg
hola como estas: supreme is my friend
hola como estas: rip
Vendetta: RIP
Vendetta: he wrecked gwrp
Vendetta: hahahaha

(OOC) ۞ Brandon: ANyone want suprem's skype?
(OOC) ۞ Brandon: supreme

♤ Small Loan : a dos is like ping (ip) -t -l 65000 in cmd

<21:45:38> "suplame": Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!
This ban is not set to expire.
<21:45:40> "suplame": unban
<21:45:40> "suplame": ty
<21:45:55> "CultyPoo<3": Lol
<21:46:00> "CultyPoo<3": well thanks for proving you are sido.
<21:46:17> "suplame": no problem
<21:50:41> "suplame": can i play with my main or you will ban me too for being sido's alt
<21:50:53> "CultyPoo<3": Who is your main.
<21:51:01> "suplame": i am supreme00
<21:51:07> "suplame": i told you like 10 times
<21:51:13> "CultyPoo<3": Lol no you didnt
<21:51:17> "CultyPoo<3": and you can deal with a super about it.
<21:51:25> "CultyPoo<3": Doon't play on your main its ban avoiding
<21:51:35> "suplame": not really since "yes" is sido's alt

♕Mr. Fox*: I'm gonna call your parents.
♕Mr. Fox*: You're staying up way too late.
supreme00: yes
supreme00: are you gonna beat me up
♕Mr. Fox*: I'm gonna stalk you.
♕Mr. Fox*: Find out where you live.
♕Mr. Fox*: And I'll give everyone your personal information.
♕Mr. Fox*: Adress phone number
supreme00: do everything but raping my butt pls
♕Mr. Fox*: Facebook
♕Mr. Fox*: :)
supreme00: did you like the pizza
♕Mr. Fox* è attualmente Offline.

Demon :): sido is using solo's account to spread his rat >_<
Demon :): his skype account*

Charles - - - - 07472 376808 <--- jake from gwrp

Shii: the moment i saw oyu on hf
Shii: i knew your a ddoser
Shii: but dw

Freezeshot #TTRP: And as we go to court i will be telling them about supreme
Freezeshot #TTRP: =)
arc: do you realy think if someone buys server from hoster
arc: it never leaves anything?
Freezeshot #TTRP: are what was ur old steam nam/
Freezeshot #TTRP: name
arc: your gonna tel about supreme what?
arc: lol
Freezeshot #TTRP: im going to tell lawyers that you "CONTACTED" about supreme dosing
Freezeshot #TTRP: so he goes jail
Freezeshot #TTRP: ialready told my uncle about him
arc: LOL
Freezeshot #TTRP: and he is going to be looking into it
Freezeshot #TTRP: <3 ty for your time
arc: LOL
arc: you realy think
Freezeshot #TTRP: arc please tell me your old name on steam?
arc: you can arrest someone ?
Freezeshot #TTRP: yes my uncle will
arc: nice
Freezeshot #TTRP: for ddosing its illegal you stupid fuck
Freezeshot #TTRP: ur stupid?
arc: ahahahaha
arc: you have proof that you lost packets?
Freezeshot #TTRP: Arc tell me your old steam name
arc: you have proof that he ddosed you?
supreme00: what is ddos

Daneslayer: i have 25 pages of rep on hackforums
Rullandetomat: hackforums? Are you a hacker
Daneslayer: LOL
Rullandetomat: also you have alot of -rep comments on your profile, why?
Daneslayer: they're my friends?
Rullandetomat: why would they comment -rep
Rullandetomat: You got like 5 pages of reps
Rullandetomat: I got 28
Daneslayer: where
Rullandetomat: I'm a key seller
Rullandetomat: check my steam
Daneslayer: link me to it
Rullandetomat: my steam profile
Rullandetomat: and 20 on CSGOlounge
Daneslayer: i could get fake steamprofile rep too
Daneslayer: so you claim you got bitcoins right?
Rullandetomat: Go look it's not fake
Rullandetomat: Yes I got bitcoins
Daneslayer: give me a screenshot of your wallet
Rullandetomat: I got 5 bitcoins
Daneslayer: screenshot
Rullandetomat: I won't screenshot it for security reasons

manuchaoffs Wrote: ►
You think there's something cool about putting the word "autism" and "autistic" before your every sentense desperately trying to flex? Say "autism" in front of me irl and you will have their facial expression a few seconds later. Show some respect kid.
⇋๖ۣۜBᴏxᴇʀ Aug 8 @ 3:53pm 
Didn't know how to contact you directly but just wanted to say thank you for uploading you're 27GB yaoi collection on MEGA. You had some nice one's in there really enjoyed the one's with Roland from borderlands giving it to handsome Jack. Let me know when you upload the other 53GBs you were telling me about the other day!
Wolf Aug 7 @ 9:42pm 
Hi, Did you know there is a bot to trade your cases for keys? Any 6 cases for one cs go key
Bot's link in my profile
1.CrazyZioCioccolatone|C.F| Aug 6 @ 12:34pm 
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