Patient Zero of the major gay

I'm the living embodiment of Sayori from DDLC except transgender and full of memes. I also design games as a hobby.

People of ultimate awesome:
Vent Zekart - Stanley Parable
Lucchini - Counter-Strike Complete
BunjermanFunjerman - Bastion
BunjermanFunjerman - RPG Maker VX
BunjermanFunjerman - Steam Greenlight License
Ammy - DOOM I think
Actually Ammy and big sis gave me a lot of stuff but I haven't updated this profile since like 2017 so I lost count
Breeze - A Hat in Time
Ria - Divinity Original Sin 2 and being literally best girl god i fucking love her

Crowning Moments of GREAT GREAT GREAT:
7:35 PM - (=CG=) Mr. Smile ツ: how to make this game go in windows mode
7:36 PM - Suppercut: simple: uninstall mac os
7:36 PM - (=CG=) Mr. Smile ツ: omg lol
7:36 PM - (=CG=) Mr. Smile ツ: you jerk
7:37 PM - Suppercut: u mad brah?
7:37 PM - (=CG=) Mr. Smile ツ: yes

8:34 PM - Suppercut: Though anal_leakage does sound like a filename I'd use XD
8:35 PM - Pupknuck: Ye I have anal leakage :p
8:35 PM - Suppercut: Oh dude.
8:35 PM - Suppercut: You might want to see a doctor about that.
8:36 PM - Pupknuck: I htink one time my large intestine slipped out of the anus one time and I had to stuff it back in with my bare hands
8:36 PM - Pupknuck: No jk
8:36 PM - Suppercut: damn son
8:36 PM - Suppercut: need 911?
8:36 PM - Pupknuck: boss

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Skull Jun 25 @ 12:13am 
steam please ban this account!!!!!!!!! they callmed me a moron in game "team fortress 2' and said ♥♥♥♥ word and got me grounded for 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!
Sergmanny Apr 2, 2018 @ 12:05am 
When are we playing TF2 again? :steamhappy:
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Nic Mem
may Jan 22, 2017 @ 2:08pm 
<3 ^_^
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