Brenden   Koulamoutou, Ogooue-Lolo, Gabon
(I live in new york) "freddo. : he is the guy who used to ruin the orange servers as heavy with a vacc med
freddo. : i will never forgive him for that"

Also known as "THE Heavy Mainer"
Known for maining heavy.
You will (usually) find me on some crap server, and sometimes pubs. You'll know if I'm on a pub.

mad/bad player chat logs:

Feralt : fuck jack and his spawn camping gang
Player Feralt left the game (Disconnect by user.)


*DEAD* |Cain|™ #TF:GO : god damnit jack
*DEAD* |Cain|™ #TF:GO : youre such a tryhard
*DEAD* |Cain|™ #TF:GO : i liek you so much

CPT.Waffle Dolphin : pls kick jackz
Player CPT.Waffle Dolphin left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Grognak the barbarian : hey jack eat pussy shit bitch

PsychoticMongoose | trade.tf : jackx is fucking bullshit
PsychoticMongoose | trade.tf : !calladmin

*DEAD* ❄ ♫Joseph ♫❄ : nice hack Jackk :)

TJStar45 : Omg jack = Tryhard Heavy

[ALL] Hayato: turn off hack jack fucking noob

*DEAD* floydrocker86 : bull shti s=pawn kill

*DEAD* Archsteel : There is no escape
Archsteel : Jack
Archsteel : Your dick in my ass
Archsteel : Always

*DEAD* Justicemonkey1 : fucking bs cunt
*DEAD* Justicemonkey1 : such unbalanced bs

*DEAD* -\/G- Gary The Snail™ yeah, i know how to spot an aimhack. you're locking onto people

Varlox : jack is a golden example of unusuals don't mean you're good
Varlox : remember kids
Jackx232 : i'm in plat u fucking mongoloid
DEAD Varlox : You're a heavy you cunt
DEAD MeowMix™ : lmao
DEAD Varlox : you don't count as a good player
Jackx232 : varlox is a prime example that pubbers shouldn't control this game
DEAD Varlox : heavies have the lowest skill ceiling
DEAD Varlox : that's why you play it cunt
DEAD Varlox : youre bad

Kira Yoshikage : nice silent aim jack


urmomiskill : prepare to loose other team

Poelodoan : srry if im being shitty guys my ping is really low so its really laggy on my end

pewdiepie1fan992: is it ok im going heavy

bee gee : if you want to be a villan number one

Space Oddity : game balace heavy is hard

*some idiot who gave excuses after every time he died and thought i was hacking*
Ryutaa : FAggot much
Ryutaa : Time to try.

(OOC) Joe Seamus: were at ware Crips blood will be no more

[Advert] Damien Hernandez: on the raido go to Channel #3

[Advert] Bubbadsi Jones: free wepons in fountion

Daventure : well whoever doesnt kniow waht doont kill me means is a retard

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