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Wait for Steam of course. If it wasn't on Steam though I'd choose Rockstar Launcher.
Sep 16 @ 5:27am
In topic Favorite Borderlands character?
Sep 9 @ 5:36am
In topic Is there japanese voice audio?
Yeah, doesn't seem like there's JP voices. Normally I play dubbed so it barely bothers me. The choice for dual audio is also good too though.
Jun 27 @ 4:04pm
In topic Give this game an English dub
Dual Audio is pretty cool and opens the game for more fans, loved it on Cold Steel. I'd like to see it for Tokyo Xanadu as well but even without it I still think it's worth it on sale. The voices for this game were pretty good but I understand the want for English VO's too. Either way I'll enjoy it and I love giving a shot with both.

Sadly to say with this game I don't think it may happen but you never know. Maybe with another type of game like this it'll be open for dual audio or more.
Jun 10 @ 10:21am
May 25 @ 11:59am
In topic Vote with your wallet
I thought it was rated M for mature.
May buy on a sale though.
I don't see it on my DLC list but in-game they're unlocked.
Mar 29 @ 10:57pm
In topic Votes for Momiji in DOA6
Mar 29 @ 10:56pm
In topic Votes for Sarah Bryant in DOA6
+1 Her voice was awesome don't know what's wrong with English.
Mar 28 @ 5:08am
In topic Official Boycott of Outer Worlds
I'm patient. It's a win-win for me as I'll pick up the game when it launches at Steam and it's most likely going to be at a discount which means I spend less and still get the same game and sometimes better with extra freebies.
Mar 18 @ 12:58am
In topic You can glitch into lobby mode O_o
Well it's great to know unlike 5 where it never came on PC.
Mar 14 @ 12:05am
In topic Digital Foundry analysis
Man I always keep up with DF. Hopefully Tecmo Koei sees to improve with more options and better stuff for the PC version.
Feb 8 @ 4:05pm
In topic 780mb update?
Yup yup just started it wonderin too
Jan 29 @ 5:24pm
In topic Epic store is awesome.
No thanks, I'll wait for 2020. Thanks for the offer though.
I'm patient for the steam release. I can wait plus I could save money too.
I just redownloaded though I'm [US]
Other than the original OGP I played on GameCampus too.
I'm just average though mainly played for Adventure.
Jan 10 @ 9:07am
In topic Shin megami tensei nocturne when?
Interested too. Those originals were also pretty difficult too which I love that.
Jan 10 @ 9:03am
In topic Persona 5 next?
Played and beat all the originals from Revelations and EP to P5. Willing to do it again. :compa:
Dec 9, 2018 @ 11:04am
In topic English Voiceover Mod - Release
That solves my problems lol
Nov 8, 2018 @ 11:01am
In topic So we finally got the japanese voices...
I'm far used to the English voice acting by now overall. Some voices I do prefer in Japanese though, only if I could mix and match like a fighting game. :compa:
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