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3 of 23 (13%) achievements earned:

Personal Achievements
Unlocked Feb 5 @ 8:22am

Lucrative Labor

Own a bank account with 10 million ingame money
Unlocked Feb 2 @ 3:58am

Starting Small

Sow 1 hectare
Unlocked Feb 3 @ 12:34pm

Reap What You Sow

Harvest 1 hectare


Reach 10 hours of playing time in a single savegame

A Good Deed

Complete 1 mission

Helping Out

Complete 50 missions

Legendary Aide

Complete 100 missions

Backyard Gardener

Cultivate 1 hectare

Happy Plants

Fertilize 1 hectare

Fervent Farmer

Cultivate 10 hectares

Plant Prosperity

Sow 10 hectares

Delighted Plants

Fertilize 10 hectares

Ample Yield

Harvest 10 hectares

Chief of Cultivation

Cultivate 100 hectares

Serial Sower

Sow 100 hectares

Ecstatic Plants

Fertilize 100 hectares

Humongous Harvest

Harvest 100 hectares

I Saw That Coming!

Cut down 1 tree

More Wood!

Cut down 25 trees

Milk Magnate

Breed 20 cows

Wool Commander

Breed 30 sheep

Pink Progress

Breed 50 pigs

Egg Lord

Breed 100 chickens