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24 NOV a las 8:52
En el tema Looking for Squadron
26 years old, from East Coast US, 500+ hours, Tier 3/4 for most nations. Looking for an active squadron.
15 NOV a las 13:48
En el tema Naval- FireFighting Assist
13 NOV a las 5:09
En el tema Naval- FireFighting Assist
Just like the Assist Repair funtion, add Firefighting assist function to assist other vessels with fires onboard, you could add an ingame animation of fire hoses shooting water over to the other vessel when in the vacinity.
25 OCT a las 12:14
En el tema Lower SP needed in Naval Battles
Publicado originalmente por Rissien:
You start with 3000 RP and need 3600 for a plane
Thanks Captain Obvious!
24 OCT a las 15:22
En el tema Lower SP needed in Naval Battles
It would be a great change
24 OCT a las 11:26
En el tema Lower SP needed in Naval Battles
I believe they should lower the Spawn Points needed to bring in aircraft in ship battles, 3000+ is way too high on average, they should lower it and make it more fun!
2 OCT a las 5:56
En el tema Update your game or it will die.
everyone that says this game is still in alpha..Yeah its been in ♥♥♥♥ing alpha for almost 3 ♥♥♥♥ing years. Stop using that as an excuse.
11 SEP a las 8:07
En el tema make an update
make update
4 SEP a las 5:59
En el tema Ubisoft is very racist
Why dont get banned for saying racist terms against white people?
31 AGO a las 13:38
En el tema Censorship
Publicado originalmente por |51st|.Lt.Condoz:
So you really need that Sieg Rune on the uniform, which you'd have to really crawl up on someone to see in order to have fun? Do you?
I do. o/
20 JUL a las 22:51
En el tema Am I the only one sick of rifles?
Publicado originalmente por CZLIFV:
Publicado originalmente por Feddy von Wigglestein:
Where exactly do you get your knowledge on the subject? Thin air?
Keep in mind I am talking about 1st airborne division in Market Garden.

this was 1944, most guys had rifles.
19 JUL a las 4:49
En el tema performance is top notch now
i5 6600k 3.5
GTX 1070

30-70 fps
12 JUL a las 21:46
En el tema = WaW= World at War Tournament starting soon!
I used to play WaW back in FH and FH2 days...Shifty...I cant remember which campaigns but i played atleast 3-4 of them. Interested in getting back into it. I also ran a World in Conflict WaW back in the day also...didnt go very far but we had it started and running with servers.
11 JUL a las 5:58
En el tema This game is not ready for release.
The release the Devs are talking about isnt the release you think, Squad is fully released, but its not fully finished. LOL
11 JUL a las 0:45
En el tema Refunded.
Refunded also
10 JUL a las 0:38
En el tema Anyone playing with I5?
I play on a i5 6600k with a 1070 GTX FTW...i get around 4-70 FPS on high/medium settings
9 JUL a las 22:27
En el tema Refund .... Patience is over. Its unplayable.
Publicado originalmente por ipsjock:
its still in testing stage this is gowing to be epic game give it time.

They said that about squad back in 2015.
7 JUL a las 16:06
En el tema No point in playing until hotfix...
Publicado originalmente por BootlegPete:
They are doing play tests to find bugs like this.

This shouldnt be happening...
7 JUL a las 6:38
En el tema Refund .... Patience is over. Its unplayable.
Publicado originalmente por SlenderSpoon:
Publicado originalmente por Ding Chavez:
Some of us have higher expectation and dont use mommy and daddys money to buy things

ahaha oh ok you fat murican lol. you dont know anything about me so ya know you keep insulting me.

This american knows what true freedom is kid
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