Kawaii Dreamer
ディーノ   Sakura, Chiba, Japan
I'm a weeb, who likes to do weeb things. I'm learning Japanese (God's language) so I can become a translator.
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Hacking is tiring.

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Space Admiral Laiksu 22 мая в 17:35 
my quest continues..
Kawaii Dreamer 21 мая в 20:34 
Humanity can only get so close to perfection, as for waifus... there a lot out there, I'm sure you'll find the one. But remember to only have one waifu, because having more then one waifu will destroy your laifu! :Ageha:
Space Admiral Laiksu 21 мая в 19:52 
I wish I had a waifu and that this gal was the one 👀 pls someone squish me into the second dimension ;-;
Yuumiko 25 мар в 21:20 
Schmommy 18 фев в 6:30 
Kawaii Dreamer 18 фев в 4:04 
Than your a cuck.