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júl. 21., 7:02
HMS Technical Issues témakörben
The tutorial is still bugged. It says go to the world map to check out the situation then...nothing. Happened twice then I switched to the main mode.

Edit: It worked now. After getting the admiralty order I clicked on it to set course. I don't recall doing that yesterday. After going to the map the ship moved to the target this time whilst yesterday it just froze.
júl. 20., 7:05
Excavation: No Balance. témakörben
You can always collect a bunch of power cores and drop them around the excavator before activating it.
júl. 18., 13:20
railjack ! témakörben
júl. 18., 13:10
Need help being able to play ESO with my Wife témakörben
Isn't there a wayshrine destination you both have access to?

Failing that what if you both buy the same inn room (via the store) and meet outside?

Edit: or ask in /zone for a third party to teleport to maybe.
júl. 18., 12:48
The numbers to keep growing. témakörben
Just some people trying out the new pass I think. It can't keep new players when the game itself says it's not getting new content in the news.
júl. 18., 10:51
Need to get Training Armor - im new témakörben
Or buy it off a guild trader. But you might want to craft stuff yourself as it's less restrictive in this game than others.
It could just be a security thing to protect your account.
júl. 15., 7:13
Maintenance while event is still ongoing? wtf témakörben
Maybe they're massive trolls?

They stuck an image of a ship on the launcher and said 'new home'. It got me thinking they'd released a ship on its own.
júl. 15., 6:51
Maintenance while event is still ongoing? wtf témakörben
beluga25 eredeti hozzászólása:
hey guys, ignorant noob here, played lots of rpgs, but few online. have heard about various
events in and out of the game but no idea what they really are or any concept of specifics,
not even sure how to search: "What is an event?",........ lol.


Some events are just do specific normal quests with extra rewards but others have their own missions.
júl. 15., 5:14
Maintenance while event is still ongoing? wtf témakörben
I thought I could get an extra 2 by playing a little earlier to beat the cut-off time. :sadelf:
júl. 12., 17:59
Banned till 2035 témakörben
LIVE STREAMING! eredeti hozzászólása:
Thats what I figured, but its been 5 days already..

They might be a little overwhelmed right now thanks to Tennocon.
JHarlequin eredeti hozzászólása:
I am sure that they did not want you to miss out, but they can't go back and fix it, and they are not fully responsible for the system not working for you because they did imply that you had to complete linking something to get credit.

And what about those who followed all the steps and still got nothing? Something went wrong with Twitch and support just says 'Better luck next time'.
júl. 10., 10:48
Where is the ♥♥♥♥ing extraction point? témakörben
You'd just have to keep looking for it. The one place it won't be is at the start though. At least I've never seen that happen iirc.
júl. 9., 17:15
$8000 Backer Pledge for Episode 2 témakörben
Crazed Scavenger eredeti hozzászólása:
That's not a rip-off - it's a choice - for those who can afford the high price - and that is really only a very small handful of players.

It depends on your definition of rip-off. A buyer knows what they're getting and the current state of the game etc. so it's not a rip-off as in money for nothing. Another definition has something being a rip-off by not being worth the money. Then it's entirely subjective: to me it's not worth it but it must be to the people who've paid that much.
júl. 8., 18:36
Giving up hope. témakörben
Gankable eredeti hozzászólása:
I had an issue with my experience pool, after requesting help with it.. I was banned without any response provided as to why. A lot of hours over many years into this game, all for nothing.

From the forums or the game?
júl. 8., 17:06
Poll: What sort of Clem? témakörben
Clem Fandango.
júl. 8., 13:32
Still nothing from Tennocon témakörben
Haven't got anything either. Twitch is linked and I've redeemed Prime stuff before + watched the stream since partway through the cosplay panel until the end.
júl. 8., 8:59
New Game in Development témakörben
júl. 6., 15:44
Tennocon Codes témakörben
redpaladinskl eredeti hozzászólása:
the "simarisplatinum" or "simarisplatinums" someone mentioned doesn't seem to work

I think that's a joke code.
júl. 2., 10:29
I just want to buy it... témakörben
Fallen eredeti hozzászólása:
it does not heal for much, like 10hp to 15hp a hit with a heavy mana drain, it is really not worth it. Even the damage buff is not much, really only balanced skill out of the bunch for mgolomancer is the silence skill that regens mana passively, even the ult does not hit all that hard, although with it's burn added on it may do more.

It's a good solo class imo offering a bit of everything but not replacing dedicated classes.
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