tobias   Vienna, Wien, Austria
Now after a long time of training how to handle with SFM i will finally take SFM Poster orders wich cost a half key that is on now currently 26 ref worth. Adds will be ignored when your inventory is privat. Leave a comment why you want to add me.

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Suction Cup Man will be remember
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There are some Info about me like "do i have a PC that can play skyrim?" the answer is NO it can not. So do not adding me if you want someone to play video games that needs like a 1080X Graphic card.

My wishes for a new Gaming PC: ,

Name: Tobias (English people call that wierd so just call me Tobi when you wanna talk to me)
Birth: 11th, Juli 2004 (in Austria)
Hobbies: making SFM Poster and jump from jumpplates from waterparks because it feels that you would crashing into dea... you just have a nice feeling.
MyPC loadout: Office PC (was a gift from my dad), very nice Mouse, Keyboard and Headset. (the mix of all this is like you put Chocolate, Chips tasty ice cream into a pot and then you throw a pineapple to it.My favorite Games are Team Fortress 2 and Terraria.

When you wanna add me just follow these simple requirements
1: Dont be someone who only wants to add me like on PS4 to say me that i am a "fucking noob" because of rageing.
2: Dont add me for trying to scam me I will always answer with this
3: When you are a random person who i never have spoken to just leave a comment on my profil's comment box. (JUST LEAVE A GOD DAMM COMMENT)
4: When you are a jackass and try to add me with a hot Girl picture on your profile i will immediately report you if you just sending me a SINGLE add about a item casino.
5: And dont add me for free items. (YOU ARE ALL LIKE PIGEON'S)

Hall of true and loyalty friend:
1. Kabbada and MUshalk

2. Bad spy , F2P to P2P , uchias60 , Emlyte and Saimon

and for the rest i am just toooooo lazy for this(sry <33333):balloonicorn:
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Triumphator Jul 8 @ 10:13am 
I would love if you follow my atwork so you can always see my latest Atworks
AzelfandQuilava Jun 15 @ 3:00pm 
You are the cringe, the good kinda cringe.
Crossfire Jun 15 @ 11:01am 
+rep nice profile
Triumphator Jun 9 @ 2:19pm 
When you want that i make a SFM poster just for you leave a message me with details from the poster what it should have. Pls when its possible message me on discord (my discord Tag is Triumphator#9071). But if you dont have discord and you have totally no clue how to use it you can even text me on steam.
Triumphator Jun 2 @ 5:09am 
As you can see i make some SFM Posters and when you have some ideas or wishes for my next Picture just comment
Bad spy Mar 15 @ 1:59am 
Bro accept my friend req