Below... name   Indiana, United States
i am vap. vappy vappy va

Bad Account. I rip for siIvagunner every 10 years or so. I play TF2 okayly.

In an effort to keep my friends list clean it is very likely I reject random adds.

Follow me on or you die in the game (real life).

"I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke." -Donald J. Trump, 45th POTUS

"subname: like s a chick macnugget on twigger
evyerone: SUBANAME HW TAHT EFUCK" - Excalibur

yumii LFT: 8:36 PM - SubName: qoihiew

Shower Worldf

My YouTube Channel, if you actually care

ODB-SXX said:
MY GOD... The villager is a MONSTER for what he's done... Look at Isabelle! Look at how her fragile mind's been broken by that MONSTER of a penis... You guys are horrible for jerking off to this MONSTROSITY...

kill this poor man

horheristo: I like pressing A to kill shit, that's why I play games. If I wanted depth I'd go read a book

If you write a funk jazz tune, don't torture the trombones like this:

I dislike everything except the HLD ost
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i live next to u
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Merry christmas cat thats a fish
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No I am retired fur! uwu
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hell yeah
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The truth in your side, M8!