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This is to the idiots who request for me to add them to friends, and then message me about wanting to trade my invintory items... Don't waste your time... especially when I reply to your IM, and get no responce.
It's pathetic, especially when you don't have anything in your invintory on said account you want to add me on.

Trades are limited based on my discression... and usually only to ppl I know from sources outside of Steam. (AKA Ppl I talk to face to face, or other specialty website.)
If you try to friend me with a Steam Level 0, and your profile set to private, you will be ignored/blocked.

Wow... invitation to a group by player who's not in any groups I'm already in... said group invited to has NO ONE from my friend list either... Yeah, No. Stop... If you're not in groups I'm in, and/or have no mutual friends in common with me, don't waste your time.