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Yakuza Merkitzi Oct 25 @ 7:58am 
Thanks for making an unlisted mod for the set. i was planning on hexing it to Gmod whenever the mod was there(With Propper Credits ofcourse)

(Ps. im the same who used to hex your Snowboarder scout set before it was accepted. if you remember)
Kitten Oct 24 @ 1:59pm 
Oh alright, thanks again for doing this, I love your workshop submissions :3
Evan Oct 24 @ 1:56pm 
ah sorry, ill actually do it right now, im not sure if im allowed to use Mods.tf however as its not a new upload
Kitten Oct 24 @ 1:38pm 
Hello, I'm not sure if you're gonna read this but anyway: May I know when are you gonna upload the Sons of Anarchy set mod? The reason I ask is because I'm planning to make a Gmod comic with it and I can't do it without the mod. Reply any time you feel like too, and good luck with any future projects ;3
GrAnT at tf2tanj.com Oct 10 @ 4:31am 
The Ploteriat Patrolmann set really deserves a place in tf2 and im sure i speak for everyone when i say it should be on mods.tf
GrAnT at tf2tanj.com Oct 10 @ 4:26am 
Evan? Are you going to add the Heavy set onto mods.tf?