☠Capt'n Swallows☠
Daniella   Denmark
"I LOVE YOU SPERM" - ♀ Cheeba 2018

"HE DOESNT SEE ME! im a snake!" - Trippy be trippin' balls 2017

"We won, it was all me aaaaand there was a lot of girls sucking my penis..." - Carlo, October 2017
"Hairy ass ass" - Carlo, October 2017
"Why do you guys keep quoting me on shit?!" - Carlo, October 2017

Beware of people impersonating me, they might try to scam you.

dont look! --> WHY ARE YOU LOOKING!?

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Why are pirates pirates? because they ARRRRRH!
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Deltag i mit team csmegacup.com
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hold on i got somethin for u to swallow
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boosted from cheaters
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Grimlock爱你 tradeit.gg Jul 31 @ 6:46am 
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