Me   Michigan, United States
Hey, I like to play Video games!:sentry:
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Metalwarrior 18 авг в 20:39 
Heey bro! Sorry for using your comment section for this, and I know that you are not interesed in trading your tf2 stuff, but I was wondering if maaaaaybe there was a chance that you were interesed in selling you wrapped Non-Craftable Something Special For Someone Special, I'm very interesed in that item, and I can make a nice offer in keys :D, if you are interesed let me know, in any case, thanks in advance for your time, hope to hear from you soon
atlas 17 мая в 20:41 
Added to discuss price of Ze Goggles
Kiro 15 апр в 11:00 
oi ! Added to buy some tf2 items with pure keys (or cash).
And no, im not a spammer, just a fellow gamer :)
Gabriel2024 9 сен. 2020 в 12:21 
howdy im interested in a lot of your robot cosmetics, are any for sale? im trying to do a whole robot MVM loadout and im trying to collect all of the robot hats as well
TheAngryEngie 29 апр. 2019 в 2:28 
I want to ask about your disco beat down texas ten gallon :)
Dr Bombardier 26 окт. 2017 в 7:40 
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