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If you like Tower Defense, be sure to get Elemental War 2.

The gameplay is like its predecessor... Plenty of different towers (over 100), many different strategies and a lot of fun.
(My review of the 1st Elemental War: )

Unfortunately, there is no longer a map editor, but that is because the old grid style maps have been replaced with beautiful hand drawn maps and paths. In fact, graphics as a whole have been fully upgraded and it looks spectacular. The towers have new unique designs, and the effects have been improved as well.

Like the predecessor, there are items that drop from the elementals. Items can grant passive global abilities, can be inserted into tower to improve or modify that tower, or have a special use that operates on a cooldown system. In addition to the basic items, you can unlock more powerful items by completing quests on each map.

The game has online leaderboards (across all platforms and consoles) as well as an online co-op mode. You can use your preference of a mouse/keyboard or a gamepad/controller.

Elemental War 2 has a native linux build and it works great with Linux Mint 20.3 with AMD graphics using Vulkan drivers. That native linux build allows Elemental War 2 to work fine on the SteamDeck as well.

The developer is quite responsive and does a good job fixing any issues as well as being open for suggestions to improve the game. He is easy to contact either through the steam forums or discord.

Thanks to the randomness of the game, I ended up playing nearly 500 hours on the first Elemental War, I would not be surprised to play Elemental War 2 just as long.
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I can't say that I ever played a game like Lumencraft before. It is a unique mix of a mining/tower defense/base building game. However you wish to describe it, it is a fun game to play.

I do not know how they did it, but the mining part seems serene, even the crunch of the drill against the rock seems relaxing like the ocean tide and completely unlike nails against a chalkboard. The controls take a few minutes to get the hang of, (and there is an alternate control option,) but it is done quite well. Controls can be mouse/keyboard (my preference) or gamepad control.

Mining is the biggest aspect of the game, you will need to mine Lumen to upgrade technology, you will need metal to build structures, and you will even need to mine rock just to clear out space to place your buildings.

Tower Defense skills are needed as well. You will build, walls, gates, and various towers to defend against ongoing waves of spiders, worms, trolls, and turtles that want to get into your base and kill you and your power station. You can make clones of yourself in case of death, but once the power station is gone, game over.

Right now there are 3 types of games... Base Defense, Adventure, and Challenge maps. There are only 8 maps currently, but more will come and there is a map editor included with steam workshop support. (Already there are about 100 different maps on the workshop.)

The game has a native linux client that runs well on Linux Mint 20.3 with AMD RX 6600 graphics.
The game also works on the steamdeck. It was working on my deck, however, I personally found it was harder to play on the deck due to the small details in the game being harder to see on the small screen. YMMV.

The developer has already added a new tower, a new weapon, a new map, and a few more critters since the initial release. I expect the rest of early access to be just as fruitful. They are also looking to add online multiplayer to the development roadmap.

If you like base builders or TD games, get Lumencraft, it is well worth the price.
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A history of Epic Games and their ventures in, their self-imposed exile from and their return to "save" PC gaming with their storefront. This guide showcases their hypocrisy on display, their history of disdain towards PC gamers/gamers in general and their
Steam Replay 2022
Replay 2022
stretch611 Nov 21 @ 3:03pm 
Its pretty invasive to have a record of everything you buy... BUT, it is far worse to essentially eavesdrop on your private chats
Koopacabras Nov 21 @ 2:47pm 
imagine how much power it is having a database of virtually _every_ purchase worldwide, compared to what Discord can control/spy.
-=[ BME ]=- Joey Nov 21 @ 2:10pm 
Companies from the US (like the ones you mentioned) can say what they want - as soon as Uncle Sam suspects anything as "possible terrorist activity" they have to "ben dover" to USofA law and hand out all data about person X that they have collected&stored.

"If you don't pay for the product, you ARE the product" is a capitalist term that doesn't quite work for e.g. Linux. Keep in mind that some "sudo" statement only applies to a certain ecosystem - outside it's just hot air (although each incidence "will be reported", yeah, sure :PluckedPenguin: )
Koopacabras Nov 21 @ 2:05pm 
yep well said... In fact today I was a little concerned about how the US, with Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal, control everything you purchase, and its practically impossible to dodge this.
And that I would say its a much chonkier "piece of the evil puzzle" than this ehrm... sort of niche app.(or in terms of the global picture)
You might argue, that those companies keep the data of purchases private, thats, quite possible but who can be 100% sure they do.
If I had to sue Paypal as Argentine citizen, I would be out in the cold, they dont need to comply argentina privacy data laws, since they are a foreing company,
-=[ BME ]=- Joey Nov 21 @ 1:42pm 
And also (as add-on info) the video claims that tencent is evil = Discord is evil.
But i lack the same amount of judging over the other mentioned data points with alot of users (Tesla, Snapchat, LoL, Fortnite/Epic, CoC, CoD, WoW, AC, Spotify, N26, UMG, ...)

Discord is only one piece in an evil puzzle it's not Discord which is "pure evil", but rather the picture shown on the complete puzzle one meta-level above (when "zoomed out").
-=[ BME ]=- Joey Nov 21 @ 9:26am 
... but to a capitalist one - which one is worse, is up to you to choose (patriot act etc.)

There are a few reasons why you should care about data in _any_ other country than the one you live in - and that only because your least common denominator is the country you happen to be born or live in, no way to dodge their legislation ... but at least you can avoid other (foreign) ones.

Just because the USofA act(ed) like a monotheistic world police doesn't mean that every other country has to accept that :evilbarber: