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\m/ (⌐■_■) \m/
Posted December 15, 2019.
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This is my Stardew Valley
Posted December 1, 2019.
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The Updated Re-Release HD High Tension ReMix+ of The Binding of Isaac (The Flash Version). For once, it is an updated rerelease entirely deserving of such silly exaggerated titles. Because the new features, modes, characters, layouts, levels and so on and so forth is immense. Especially when one looks at the features of the synergistic passive item system now. Especially when one installs the expansions.

I have an hour count in the original that speaks for itself. As does my unlocking of Platinum God and now Golden God in Rebirth. It's actually one of those rereleases that you can tell has love in it.
Posted July 2, 2019.
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The Color Out of Space vibes I got from this game were immense. I don't even want to say much more besides that this is probably one of those gems of world building for this type of story on Steam. Avoid media on it, avoid long winded reviews, jump in and prepare for weeks - or months - of sleepers and torment.
Posted January 5, 2018.
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A day that lasts a hundred hours. A place too cold for gods. A grudge spanning time and space. A river of primeval blood. A place of fallen things from between the stars.

Has there ever been a sea so sunless?
Posted May 10, 2017.
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The combat in this seems frustrating because it's not a side scrolling roguelike. It's a side scrolling roguelike fighting game. Remember that this is Atlus and ACE. This is what they do. The reviews here driving the response down to Mixed almost made me not play it. I am thankful I decided to trust my own judgement. Because as others have said when you start using your parries, blocking and dodging correctly you can snowball pretty quickly (and be humbled just as fast).

The backgrounds and overall theme fascinate me to no end. I love the art style and general surreal nature of the story. Which is essentially that a Warlock so powerful he can shift reality is locked into a dream and is for all intents and purposes the equivalent of the roguelike Random Number God. Which seems crazy enough, but this particular warlock is also apparently braindamaged and mentally traumatized. Leading to some truly Silent Hill level business.
Posted September 27, 2016.
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I'm sorry that I recommended this game about a year ago when it was on sale on the humble bundle store for about $1. I thought they had put more effort into the port than they did. But as it turns out it's just yet another bad port. Bad in a way that only japanese studios that regret their decision to take console exclusive deals can do.

Got it running by breaking physx for other games on my system that link to it. Only to see that the resolution is hardcoded to 1280x720. I was aware of dpfix. But even though it evidently loads the symbols just fine (as indicated by not segfaulting) it just sits forever eating my cycles. Likely caused by a recent update.

There are people on the forums trying to defend these incompetent developers. They shouldn't. They're only further ruining Steam. Having a quirky game that likes to have a bit of fun despite itself is one thing (and is why I came to want it in the first place) but having a buggy piece of ♥♥♥♥ maintained by incompetent developers is another, and believe me they are incompetent.

The fact that libs that override d3d9 symbols exist in the first place is evidence of that. As the complexity of the problem goes up so does the complexity of the override libs. But ones like these -though written by undoubtedly competent people- merely provide basic features that the game should have in the first place. Like adding a second step that adjusts resolution based on values given in a config file.

Edit: I was able to fix the issue causing the game to just sit there eating cycles and have it running in my native resolution. I'm sure the game will be as fun as I figured it would be but my review above still applies. The short of it is: Don't bother if you're not comfortable having a game that isn't playable right after download from steam. It's going to take a bit to both get it to actually run without segfaulting and get it aesthetically reasonable (meaning native resolution of your monitor and properly saturated environments).

Had I known this port was as bad as it was I wouldn't have encouraged developers who do crap like this by giving them money. I suggest you don't make the same mistake.
Posted April 2, 2015. Last edited April 3, 2015.
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So I'll admit flat out that I knew this would be bad. That's partly why I played it in the first place since I have a side project going that someone asked for where I do MST3K style riffing on bad games (albeit more mean spirited as it often turns out to be, but they generally deserve it). This was going to be one such game. I also chose it because the person behind it was responsible for a horrific coop mod for another very neat mod named Black Snow. This not only missed the point of Black Snow but was also badly mangled both in localization and bugginess. It pretty much ruined the experience for first time players by them thinking it was an official project.

You could say that my attitude coming into it was not exactly positive. I don't deny that. But this piece of trash was disgusting in a way I never could have imagined. This isn't just hyperbole, it literally is disgusting. Why it's disgusting is evident about 10 seconds into the video below (which is only part 1 of 6 of the series and it gets steadily worse in each one). But to put it bluntly: This piece of trash and the other piece of trash who created it reuses WWII mass grave and concentration camp footage, inserts its own characters as part of that footage and then proceeds to treat everything surrounding it about as seriously as people treat the Black Eyed Peas. And yes my choice of analogy there was intentional.

But even if we are to ignore that bit of tastelessness the game is a train wreck. It tries hard to mimic Cry of Fear. So hard that it went so far as to (badly) emulate the black screens that occurred during cell transitions found both there and in older games. Now in said older games this was necessary due to technical limitations like memory size and clock speed before either could deal with aggressive culling algos. The transitions were questionable even for Cry of Fear but at least there it could be attributed to it being a modified GoldSrc. But Source could do these maps without issue. There were much larger maps in HL2 itself than this. So pointless at best and really annoying padding at worst.

The monsters are unbalanced. I see what they were trying to do here too but they failed at it. If you're going to make it 90s survival horror style then add combat mechanics and weapons that are worth a damn. Failing that, actually give people a way to run like you could in aforementioned survival horror games instead of just telling them to do it in the loading screen. Another favored tactic of this game is to either put invisible walls all over the place (a mark of great design right?) or in at least one case spawn monsters and put a literal wall. Or otherwise spawn the monsters such that you get cornered. Prepare for a lot of crouch jumping onto obstacles if you want the slightest chance of winning a fight.

Then there is asset reuse aplenty all over the place. Not just the HL2 assets but stuff that I'm almost certain hasn't actually been licensed. Again. See Black Eyed Peas reference. Yes there is a certain well known Black Eyed Peas track in this piece of ♥♥♥♥ that dares to use mass grave and camp footage to force drama.

What I missed in the video is summarized in the comments by Benjamoose pretty well. Anything else I missed in the review (I tried to get it all, I hate looking like I'm advertising videos in this stuff) will probably appear in the rest of the series currently being uploaded.


and yes there are 5 of those little statues from Amnesia (models which I'm sure are used with permission) that are apparently a certain bad letsplayer's fantasy sex toy to collect. Didn't really feel it was worth going in depth for since it's already been hammered into the ground. It's just another drop in a sea of stupid developers trying to bait these people to get free publicity. Probably not going to work for this one.
Posted February 2, 2015. Last edited February 3, 2015.
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People aren't joking when they say this is Zelda-like. Besides aiming mechanics and perspective it has everything up to and including chests, grappling hook, bottles, masks and even a shadow Link battle. In that regard it's pretty fun.

However this is an almost stereotypical crappy PC port. Random slowdown, cutscene skipping, horrible default keybindings and little room to customize them as well as other scattered bugs. Despite annoying me greatly I was still able to push through it and had many good moments. Which is why I'm not thumbing it down. Just keep in mind that you'll be seeing a lot of stuff in the vein of the following video I made.

Also, this comes with a comic and complete OST. The game takes it upon itself to install these things to your main partition without asking you though. I enjoyed the comic. It's pretty cheesy but then so is the game. I'm also a sucker for supplemental material like this.

Posted January 28, 2015.
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Before reading the below review proper. If you would like a short and blunt summary of what this game is see the following video I did in my series for the final boss. This is the essence of the game once you strip away the fake difficulty, purposefully reimplemented arcade bugs and checkpoint starvation.


If you really want more than that here is the playlist for the series. Now without further ado here is the original review. My final impressions have not changed after completing the game.

You know. I had almost forgotten why I never really had any nostalgic feelings towards arcade games that inspired this one. What with their stiff controls, sparse checkpoints/continues for more efficient padding and quarter poaching, edge of screen spawning of enemies and other such fake difficulty. It's always nice to have a game come along and remind me. Funny thing is, the edge of screen spawning was actually technically justified at the time due to memory/sprite constraints and the state keeping issues that entailed. Now? Not so much.

If you want a real game that takes the pleasing challenge of arcades but doesn't rely on "but teh retro" as an excuse for its shortcomings check out something like They Bleed Pixels. That said though, be sure you look at the manual for this. They did a really great job on it making it look like how manuals used to look back when they were interesting and filled with lore (Zelda's manual being the most famous for example).

Oh and to answer the question a lot of people may have about this. No. There is no pre-boss checkpoints. You die and you have to do the whole level again. This isn't challenging, it's padding. Bad padding at that.

Anyway, I noticed that the mouthbreather brigade was telling people that they didn't like it because it was challenging and they couldn't win (as well as calling people "kid" when their argument is called out, proving yet again that they're mostly kids themselves that don't have the slightest clue what these games were about and yet put on a facade of nostalgia), I decided to finish the first world (update: make that the entire game). I'm kind of glad too because it gave me more ammo in the form of this nonsense.

I remember those games too. But you're deluded if you think that you have the same ability to give these ultimatums that lazy companies who didn't want to do battery backups did in the 80s and 90s. Once again, this isn't challenging or a homage. It's a fundamental misunderstanding of the difference between features and technical workarounds.
Posted January 14, 2015. Last edited January 23, 2015.
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