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ShadyVipy May 23 @ 6:15pm 
fatmerican. If u see him on your darkrp server. spectate him because he'll just break rules instantly,
LoneWolf казаки́ May 14 @ 1:30pm 
ah yeah chief camel toe of the shitface tribe of the great plains, i welcome your killdozer of peace.
Jon Crok May 1 @ 5:36pm 
sorry I offended you
zEij May 1 @ 4:13pm 
ffs stop playing day of infamy, all your doing is playing shitty music thru mic and killing your own teammates
Robot_xlr [GHM] Apr 30 @ 4:07pm 
sorry to hear that Imperialism. this guy kept team killing me well playing left 4 dead
you're one of them Apr 30 @ 6:46am 
this man is a true asshole him and his girlfriend raiding my gmod server saying stuff like poo poo plater and eat my shit penuts i white knighted all the admins for months to become an admin and i lost it in minuts and so what i protect womans right and so what i watch anime does not mean i should be called a weeb i will continue to fight against the bullys and stand up for the woman rights you may call me a cuck you may call me a fag but i will not stop till my reddit conquest is over!!!