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Drawful Animate: Palette Cleanser

Used all three colors in an animation
Unlocked May 12 @ 10:17pm

Job Job: Totally Synergized

Got two Synergies in one round
Unlocked May 12 @ 9:31pm

Job Job: Over the Rainbow

Got a Rainbow Bonus in all three rounds
Unlocked Jun 16 @ 10:43pm

Drawful Animate: Fool Me Three Times

Fooled the same player three times in a game

Drawful Animate: Proof of Friends

Played Friend Mode

The Wheel: It’s Anyone’s Game

Spun the wheel when all players had enough points to win the game

The Wheel: Power Slice Hero

Earned the power slice every round in a single game

The Wheel: The Big Score

Earned over 10000 points from a single slice

The Wheel: True Enlightenment

Had your question answered two games in a row

Job Job: Logo Poke-a

Poked the logo 40 times

Job Job: Workin' 9 to 5

Played a game every weekday between 9am and 5pm

The Poll Mine: In The Dark

In round one, picked the eighth place door on first guess

The Poll Mine: Perfect Round

Your team went an entire round without selecting an incorrect door

The Poll Mine: All Alone

Won a game by yourself against nine people

The Poll Mine: Vs the World

In Streamer Mode, played against an audience of 1,000 or more

Weapons Drawn: Elementary

At least one detective got every case right, including Cold Cases

Weapons Drawn: Belle of the Ball

A single Accomplice received 10 murder attempts

Weapons Drawn: Dead of Night

Played the game at midnight

Weapons Drawn: Lashed Out

An Accomplice named Schmitty was murdered

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