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The lights reflected, exposed frights projected ensuing my hospitality. Ungreatful in actuality. - Me 🍁 []

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the littlest star in the sky, yet you shine brighter than any other

Everything fades over time, degrades from its prime. What was once a bond, now a reflection on the surface of a pond. Anticipation starts out brazen to become a memorial haven layne graven. They drift away like snow fall only to fade away so they can descend from me again in a new form. I'll forever remember your emblem as you're emanating retention from my psychological requiem. - Me []

harleen big balls quinzelelele

Youve fucked my mother for the last time harley, im deleting your number off of her phone and blocking it

Coach DAVE

Kalo 8=D

archer 🔫

"walk up behind her and tell her that shes the fattest piece of ass you ever seen in the whole school and then whip out the pastry. tell her if she want it she can come get it at lunch hour"

supra 💉

(Spectator) supra : i got ur dick big boy
(Spectator) salty : get a good grip kid
(Spectator) steven : he gonna kung fu grip it
(Spectator) salty : :s
(Spectator) salty : choke hold
(Spectator) steven : hes gonna give it the triangle choke hold
(Spectator) salty : im slightly nervous
(Spectator) steven : supra is professional mma
(Spectator) steven : its okay
(Spectator) salty : is that supposed to comfort me
(Spectator) salty : knowing my penis will be wrangled by a professional fighter
(Spectator) supra : hib is the fluffer
★ kkid insta-cleared kKid.Lobster Facts from unmoving (smoker) in 0.49s
(Spectator) steven : yeah he has a lot of experience putting the triangle choke on dicks
(Spectator) supra : LMAO
(Spectator) supra : wtf
(Spectator) salty : i want you to do it steven
(Spectator) steven : LOL
(Spectator) supra : he's actually gay tho

άλφα 👐

11:04 PM - άλφα (1): am i a nerd
11:04 PM - άλφα (1): lmao
11:04 PM - hannyun: i hear some virgin talking about pokemon
11:04 PM - hannyun: for like
11:04 PM - hannyun: 20 minutes
11:04 PM - άλφα (1): lmao
11:04 PM - άλφα (1): fu

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stev Jun 13 @ 4:35pm 
well.. let's just say i'm very fortunate my woman is blind
ʰⁱ Jun 13 @ 4:16pm 
is that u in ur pic
sophie May 30 @ 9:37pm 
I could maby teach you a thing or two ;3
sophie May 30 @ 9:36pm 
Whyd ya refuse my add I added u for tf2
Noobmaster69 May 29 @ 5:51pm 
+rep Fun opponent.
℃αηⅾƴ May 16 @ 5:30am 
omg 10k+ hrs in l4d 2 >< lol i'm feeling too small