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Posted: May 19, 2019 @ 9:01am
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STRIPPER ANYA: DEMON SLAYER is, as stated in the store description, a retro inspired adult beat 'em up/brawler. At the point of writing this review there are two versions included in the same game:
  • Stripper Anya: Demon Slayer VST (the last part standing for Version 2.0 or "VerSion Two point o")
  • Anya: Demon Slayer Legacy (the original 2017 version)

It is truly commendable that the developer decided to keep both versions in the same pack, instead of selling them separately. While I briefly tried the Legacy version, I mainly played the new and upgraded version, about which I have several mixed notes.

Starting with the positives, I have to say that the game is correctly promoted as being 'uncensored', without requiring any extra settings changed or file manipulation in order to achieve that. It should also be kept in mind that there is no censored version, so a fair warning to any streamers/youtubers considering to try it out.

Concept and story-wise it is fairly interesting and captivating , as well as confusing, being unceremoniously thrown into the story without much insight or introduction, other than a cutscene. Speaking of which, the cutscenes might be the best part of the game. They're drawn in a manga-inspired style, fully voiced and narrated (unfortunately, they aren't subtitled). In my opinion, those can be considered an improvement over the Legacy cutscenes, which were some crudely filtered 3D rendered shots.

The skins, backgrounds and models are fairly diverse and colorful, with plenty of innuendo and boob-physics to catch your attention and a variety of mobs, bosses, as well as a forgiving checkpoint system keep you invested. Every unlocked level, which can be easily accessed from the main menu, is different and has a different soundtrack . Using weapons can be really satisfying and money heals you (that's a daring design choice).

Sadly, not everything is a bed of roses. While I did mention the lack of subtitles option for the relatively good voice acting (even if sometimes not that audible), there are plenty of other quality of life options missing, like for for sound or graphics etc.

The gameplay can be repetitive at times, just like the music and the sound effects, with limited animations, move sets, weapons and enemy models. The gameplay can also become frustrating, especially when not having other choice but to use the weak melee, not to mention this one concept that persists across the game which requires you to defeat enemies twice. Having to do that feels like filler, in order to prolong fights, you're being forced to do the same thing twice, even if it can be a bit slightly different, it does feel like a chore that robs you of any satisfaction.

And one last important note is the fact that all of the blinking, flashing and blinding effects can be really nauseating, not to mention epileptic to some (which should probably be included as a warning in the description).

TLDR: This game can be truly enjoyable, for its fascinating world/story building, tantalizing adult characters and button mashing action, as well as challenging bosses and fun weapon use, BUT, probably only when played in short sessions, since the resurrecting flashing mobs and other various effects, if exposed to them for long durations, the casual player might encounter headaches and accelerated eye strain. This might not apply to everyone, but that was my weird & wonderful experience.

Check out STRIPPER ANYA: DEMON SLAYER on Steam now!

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