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Gralex Nov 17 @ 3:34am 
Adding for ordering an model
Lone Wolf Nov 16 @ 12:56pm 
Hey, I am adding you to ask questions about your plugin from GmodStore

Wilkeys Oct 19 @ 3:56am 
Hi, i have a problem with entity of jcrafting, i would like to speak you about that
eLeCtrOssSnake Oct 18 @ 6:41am 
Have an interesting proposition about ordering a model.
DidVaitel Oct 17 @ 5:13pm 
I want to order a 3d model with rig and animation.
Mørgan.M Oct 9 @ 8:04am 
added regarding a model
Sheriff John Oct 5 @ 10:45pm 
you are a cat and for a model job
ThuGapy Oct 5 @ 11:26am 
added for a model job
JAKE_ Oct 3 @ 9:04am 
Model enquiry
nimphi Oct 2 @ 11:33am 
Added from GModStore, looking to talk to you about potentially joining the team of three you are in, though I don't know if you guys are accepting new joins.
-RHC- 🎄Funny_TV🎄 Sep 25 @ 7:43am 
Hey, I need some models. Please add for pm.
tasid Sep 24 @ 9:20am 
Benn20002 💎 Sep 3 @ 11:01am 
looking for a modeler
War Daddy Sep 2 @ 6:20am 
Looking To have a Model made into a Player model.
Batman Aug 25 @ 4:20pm 
ask a few questions about the addon
Dr.Venom Jul 13 @ 12:25pm 
In need of some custom models!
Bluegreen Jun 19 @ 10:04pm 
Adding regarding a question about your crafting script that isnt listed it will be real quick
박은규 Jun 15 @ 10:15pm 
addon question
Michael Jun 15 @ 11:46am 
added because of beekeeping
Foil Jun 11 @ 3:29pm 
Added for models.
Kwoon Jun 8 @ 10:46am 
Added because I need a custom model for something.
Tom.bat Jun 8 @ 2:03am 
Need a model or two being made :)
MrDiaboloz Jun 2 @ 3:51pm 
Are you still taking modeling order ?
Harvey Specter May 24 @ 3:33pm 
Just a short question
Quiggley May 24 @ 10:38am 
added for assistance with jewelry store addon, not working
[DN] SlayeR [BE] May 8 @ 3:15pm 
Maybe for gmod lua job.
Aevoa May 1 @ 3:52pm 
Hey, I added you to ask something about JCrafting
Cristian Apr 20 @ 11:11pm 
Hey, would like to add to receive some help for the advanced jewelry addon. It is not working for me.
:( Apr 18 @ 8:17am 
Hello,I love your model of Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) can you make a pm of Freddie Mercury? or of Rami Malek like Freddie Mercury?
Alydus Apr 17 @ 3:23pm 
Adding regarding modelling commission.
reverse Apr 6 @ 11:10am 
Want some modelling done
Mr.Vitx Mar 31 @ 8:27am 
Hello, My name is Vitx and i'm looking for a guy like you who can make own prop models in garry's mod and i wounder if you do any freelance work, What i'm in need is a simple prop models for a logo icon so i can put it in hammer?
CLOROX Mar 17 @ 3:25am 
want to clarify something about an addon
Rocket League Cheeto Mar 16 @ 12:34pm 
Looking for model work
--; STUBBO DROP ALL TABLE Mar 16 @ 11:17am 
Looking for a model made.
Robbie Mar 13 @ 3:07pm 
Added cause I got a few questions regarding your addon
pbrownsack Mar 13 @ 2:39pm 
Hello fellow Texan, I am in the market for some custom models for a custom gamemode. Adding you now.
jack :p Mar 6 @ 8:31pm 
Added to talk about paid custom models.
BUGSYPAC Feb 25 @ 1:39pm 
hye, i want some informations and perhaps make a command ;)
Raynhor™ | Paul Stone Feb 10 @ 9:59am 
I'd like to speak for a paid work. Thank's
PastaMastah Jan 26 @ 11:23am 
he is da wae
PastaMastah Jan 26 @ 11:23am 
is the queen
Sitrix Jan 19 @ 10:14am 
I'd like to ask you a few questions about your new script?
is it possible to add yourself as friends

- Sitrix
[Corvezeo] Jan 18 @ 5:52pm 
Adding to speak with you about paid work. Thanks in advance for your time.
paulb Jan 16 @ 4:12pm 
hey i just saw your advanced jewelry robbing mod for gmod and i was wondering where i could find the actual jewelry stands in game? (or whatever they're called)
Slawer Dec 30, 2018 @ 1:53pm 
Talking about some models
AirBlack Nov 29, 2018 @ 4:06am 
Chatbox Fixing Job
Glunar Nov 26, 2018 @ 10:45am 
I added you to talk about DarkRP essentials.
Sushi Oct 31, 2018 @ 12:25am 
Are you available for hire for modeling?
Foxy Loli Oct 19, 2018 @ 12:02pm 
Gmodstore issue