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‹- Welcome to my page. Please read this whole thing -›

★ I am not a good person, I just do the right thing :BL3Shrug:

★★ PLEASE READ #1: I don't mind people sending me friend requests even if they have a VAC ban. Just please, PLEASE, don't try to send me links to "buy steam points" or any "skin gambling" B.S.. If you want me to "rate + favorite" something then send that link but I do not click any non-steam website links on my account.

★★ PLEASE READ #2: I cannot believe I actually have to type this but if you want Charity, please go to a strip club to find her. If you want something from my inventory it HAS to be a TRADE FOR SOMETHING OF EQUAL VALUE
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About Me:
- Name:
:russtar: The Prawn

- Age:
:russtar: Somewhere between 20 and death

:russtar: I am a male Hebrew National Knockwurst stuck in the body of a giraffe

- Favorite Past Time:
:russtar: Playing video games and Fencing. Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19, I am leery of any type place packed full of people so until, at least, a vaccine comes out and actually gets enough use that it doesn't kill people, then I will go back to it

- Pets?:
:russtar: Yes, 3 cats, I prefer animals over people tbh.

-Current Rig:
:russtar: A Lenovo Legion T5 with these components:

OS: Windows 10 Home
System Type: x64
Processor: Intel Core i5- 10400 CPU

- Anything You Wish to Share?:
:russtar: Yes, I am a curator of a page called "Cup of Tea?" I run it and I have been enjoying making tea references about games and the occasional tea related pun. Check it out, its in my favorite group section.
My Profile Picture:
I am a Fencer in real life. I have my masks painted in with designs that mean something to me.

-Sev (RC-1703) from Republic Commando:
:russtar: I suffer from mental illness with mental illness induced aggression and the things they were saying about Sev were relatable to the things I go through.

-Yellow Dancing Bear from The Grateful Dead:
:russtar: I have a Yellow Dancing (teddy) Bear that appeared during one of Jerry Garcia's acid trips. This teddy bear has been with me since I was about 4 years and I am a grown man now. I wanted each of my masks to mean something to me instead of just some pop culture reference and I thought this would be a great tribute to something I have loved since I was a small child.

-The Rolling Stones tongue emblem:
:russtar: I am not a huge "Rolling Stones Fan" per se but I do like a big chunk of their songs. I was (within memory) officially introduced to the Rolling Stones around 2001 when Twisted Metal: Black came out. Not only was that game amazing, I was amazed by the song "Paint it Black" (by the Rolling Stones) that was creepily played in the menu and in the credits. Paint it Black is my all time favorite song and this mask is a tribute to that

:sr4fleurdelis: The mask you see in my profile is an Absolute Fencing Gear 350N Epee mask. The painting on the mask is done by @KiltedMonkToki. To find him simply just type @KiltedMonkToki on facebook and you can find his details. He is the best in fencing mask painting.

In case you want to know, the only real achievement I earned was beating my Fencing instructor (John "Ian" Stochl), an Olympian ranked Fencer, with only one year of practice of sword play in a no holds barred tournament. I was not even a severe underdog in that fight, I was automatically pegged to lose (I was knocked out by essentially a Fencing master who was in his 60's and had been Fencing his whole life. I gave him a fair fight since I technically could run circles around him. Good man, Great fencer). Watching Ian walk away scratching his head was better then the trophy
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 ⢸⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⢟⠋⡱⠁ ⡰⡟⠑⠿⠿⢿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡦
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The look in Ryan's (Bombardier) eyes is pure terror
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The Triumvirate
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I am going to hell for making this
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Created by - C:\User\JoellJoelly
Welkins helpful tips and tricks!
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Created by - Uzdo
Vice City features 100 hidden packages scattered and hidden across the map.
It is one of the tasks required to achieve 100% completion in the game
Every 10 packages you collect up will unlock a reward.
I have also attached my save file with all the hidd
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Read if you are purchasing this to slay younglings

When I bought this game, I was under the impression that I got to slay younglings. I thought there was a mission where you play as Anakin, newly minted as Darth Vader, storm the Jedi Temple and massacre all the Jedi and get to the room where the kids are hiding and go nuts.

I was wrong, what you are able to do in the youngling slaying department, is just attack the ankle bitters in the temple in freeplay. This is basically what you were able to do in the other Lego Star Wars games when you are in the lobby/cantina and run into young Anakin. What is even worse is that this slaying is limited to younglings that do not have conversation options and that is most of them.

Now the review

This game, besides my issue with the younglings, is decent. It also makes the sequel trilogy seem bearable so that's a win in my book. I recommend it.

And now, a shameless plug

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Okay, I have played many games and DLC and have never played a DLC that hits so close to home. I personally suffer from Bipolar and in my state the mental health system is a f*cking joke. This DLC has hit on many issues I personally have suffered from. I have suffered from paranoia, mania, anxiety, trauma, I have thought friends have said stuff behind my back when they have not, isolation, overcoming the "psychoreaver" of the mental illness, and someone a lot like Maya to Kreig, the Blue Sapphire of their life. The game very deeply goes into traumatic pasts and the dealing of it. I know its a video game but if you truly want an understanding of mental illness then Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck is truly a way to go.

Hello there You Sophisticated Sir or Madam
Thank you for reading my review. By the way, did you know I am a struggling curator and content poster, please check out my stuff:

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This is a standalone submod that features all of my custom modifications to the Republic at War mod. This mod adds over 20 new units, 5 new heroes, 5 new planets, and much more, and I will continue updating this as I get new ideas and feedback from other p
Created by - Nojembre
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Sheila Nov 28 @ 5:23pm 
Would you be interested in trying out an upcoming action roguelike game? The game is called "Realm of Ink", features Chinese mythological styles, and the artwork is particularly stunning. Here's the link to the game.
I think you might enjoy this type of game~ Don't forget to add it to your wishlist~Would you like to join me in discussing this game?
Steel Cathedral Nov 17 @ 9:01am 
That is actually pretty odd Stakanov, considering that I have been a member of steam for 10 years, have approximately 560 games in my library, 673 DLC, and 3,000+ memes in the artwork section, that seems like a lot of wasted time, money, and effort on other accounts just to be giving points to myself
Stakanov Nov 17 @ 8:57am 
-rep using the award system with secondary accounts to self-award yourself is pretty sad I think
SsNow Nov 10 @ 10:49am 
SsNow Nov 5 @ 2:45am 
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SsNow Nov 1 @ 3:03pm