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bobby: you fingered me when i was eating a krushem
me: shhh, i'm listening for headshots
yak: have you ever tried to deepthroat a banana?
bobby: i was doing yoga in my tongue and when you said that i spat it out
Me:bobby I’m fuckin bent me
Me:bobby let me show ouahhaa
bobby:have you ever seen a black man on a bike?
me:fuck me it's massive
yak:bohemia is an indie company
yak:i've got a chode
bobby gets a cute pig on duck life, bobby: can we drain it?:special:
^calm down muslim
bobby:is five odd?
bobby:i'd rather see his dick than his arse
bobby:if i was a girl i would want dick picks
bobby:jakob are you that platypus? me:i don't know what i am
bobby:grandkids aren't your kids
me: can you get a headache in your neck?
bobby: i'd actually suck alex turner's dick me
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7 little meatballs and a UK cunt
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