San Pedro Zacapa, Santa Barbara, Honduras
So many cool games... but you can't be good at more than 3 at time.
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No idea what you do here
Greetings traveller, i dunno what you want to find here. Its just Steam profile - not social page, here is just some guy whom play PC games just like you and another million peoples on planet.

First of all - games is for fun, if you make something more of it - you sad person. (except if you a modder... good job pal :D)

If i played not as you expected - i dont care.
If you want teach me a lesson how to play - i dont care.
If you think you know everything - good for you ( you wrong ).
If you want +rep or -rep me - oh dude, its so important for me (no)
If you want justice - you choose wrong respawn place when been born.

Have a nice day, afternoon... whatever.
Deezy Kidd Jun 11 @ 12:26am 
mr.TPATATA Jun 11 @ 12:22am 
Звиняй товарищ, но твой профиль говорит о возрастной категории 14-18... я слишком стар для этого дерьма.
Deezy Kidd Jun 9 @ 7:58pm 
го в терру или в дотку вместе поиграем
Prototype 2 Feb 12 @ 6:19am 
───▄▄██▌█ +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep :deery:
▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep
frayzwL Feb 6 @ 6:52am 
Sl⊙kεr Ѻ Moⓝsⓣeⓡ, некоторые играют пару десятков тисяч часов
Mr Kytr¡ne Feb 6 @ 6:50am 
Ля, чувак, меня начинает мутить при виде доты, а я и 500 часов то не наиграл. У тебя наверное уже есть несколько психических травм, просто играть в это 3.000 часов, ну это просто перебор. :kcoin: