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Steam Level Up Service
An automated trading bot to exchange your TF2 keys for trading card sets
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Bot Information
You can now additionally use TF2 keys with the main level up bot

Simply add it as a friend to begin!

List of Chat Commands:

!keys num - Sets you will receive from that many keys
!level num - Cost to get to that level
!buysets num - Buy sets with that many keys
!buylevel num - Buy enough sets to reach that level

What type of keys do you accept?

This bot only accepts TF2 keys, if you'd like to use CS:GO keys, please add this profile.

How do I know how much it will cost for a specific level?

Simply add the bot as a friend, type "!level X", and it will tell you!

Will the bot know which sets I have already crafted?

Yes! Once you add the bot as a friend, it is able to read your badge data and only send you the ones you need.

I have keys in my inventory, but it's telling me I don't have any?

The keys in your inventory must be tradeable to work. If you have recently bought them off the steam market, there is unfortunately a 7 day restriction before they can be used.

Why has the bot removed me from it's friends list?

The bot only removes people because it has reached it's friends list limit (nothing personal :p). Feel free to add it back anytime.

How many sets will I receive per key?

The price is currently set at 11 sets (1100 xp) per key.

Are you able to craft badges for games you don't own?

Yes you are.

What will I receive after I craft a badge?

After every badge you craft, you will receive:

100xp towards your steam level
1 emoticon
1 profile background
1 discount coupon (lasts for 2 weeks)
+5 friend list spaces for every 1 level gained

What are the benefits of having a high steam level?

Larger friends list available
Additional Profile Customization (+1 showcase per 10 level's gained)
Increased chance of receving booster packs
Visiblity, the higher your steam level, the more people are likely to visit your profile
Deemed more trustworthy in cash trades

If you have any questions or feedback, please post them in my group , or feel free to add me :) - epichamman
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