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discord - /matt #5388
yt - matt
ubi - kerouac171
battlenet - kthuln
soundc - matt []
spotif - matt hendo []
robloxlmao - kthuln
discord server - csgo shite lads []
ttv - xyzcov
snap - msg me
trade - meh
xbox - Kerouac171
group - clueZero
gta - Kerouac1017
acc value - sorta flex []
steamladder - cool []
*anything i havent mentioned feel free to hit me up to ask

random info
current fav songs
probably more but oh well

highest brawl mains
-yumiko, lvl 33
-ragnir, lvl 28
-fait, lvl 24
mid elo gold in 2s btw
defo not carried ;)

brawl exclusives
-dreadnought lucien
-atlantean ada
-dark depths ragnir
-warrior spirit kor
-stormlord ada
-inferno ragnir
-dust devil cassidy
-warchief bodvar
-anubis mirage
-wraith barazza

old inventory shit
-flip freehand mw
-bayonet rust ww
-bowie vanilla
-butterfly stained ft
-hand wraps duct tape ft toms fat
-gut rust ww
-flip urban ft
-falchion doppler p4 fn
-karambit rust bs
-hand wraps badlands ft
- nothing now lmao

fav games
-garfield kart
-ultimate hardbass defence
-fc3; blood dragon
-blood and bacon
-cs kinda
-mc ofc

fav musicians
-peep f
-hella sketch
-power glove
-kero kero bontio

fav yters
-eggsoup rip
-bg kumbi
-sam onella
-idubbbz if he would fucking shave
-3dsanago s a t i s f y i n g

fav books
-steal this book, abbie hoffman
-call of cthulu, h.p. lovecraft
-the knife of never letting go, patrick ness
-angela's ashes, frank mccourt
-the left hand of god trilogy, paul hoffman

fav tv shit
-bj horseman
-end of the fucking world
-south park

fav food
-night water

pc specs
-msi 1060 6gb
-i7-7700k 4.20ghz
-2400mhz 16gb forget the brand
-240gb ssd
-1tb hdd both totally fucking full
-fractal design define r5 case btw
-cosair 800w psu roughly?
-coolermaster hyper H412R aka most annoying cpu fan ever

-razer ornata chroma
-razer lancehead tournament
-random shit mousemat
-boxers as mouse bungee
-random dell 60hz shit
-razer stickers to make it run faster
-cosair hs60 <headset

cs stuff
-dpi 800
-sens 1.35
-zoom 1
-s1mple's crosshair or
-mojoonpc's crosshair on crashz
-rank rn is nova 3 finna derank
-lowest rank was sem for like a day
-avg rank always been nova 1/2 kinda sad
-been playing since late 2018
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Created by - matt

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GhostKimera Nov 9 @ 6:57am 
+ s o c i e t y
Melvin Nov 7 @ 9:35am 
As i said, its your opinion.

Have a great day.
Mathfreak Nov 6 @ 12:48pm 
+rep epic dude
Melvin Nov 6 @ 3:27am 
I'm a real fan, i know about that peep didn't like x. Because of X's opinion about bisexual people. They didn't like each other. But i like the way they made music, they expressed there feelings, in a great way.
But i'm not a fake fan. If you think so, then fair enough. It ain't my problem.
Rocket Nov 5 @ 4:40pm