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"need to stop thinking about thinking. that type of thinking is how we got to thinking about how we think, and in what ways our thinking may or may not be our thinking or the thinking of what we are in" ~Pokechikin, 2017

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I didn't have space for more chats

staryoshi06: did a kid really give you their mc account
ScrapTF | Moonie: Yeah
staryoshi06: (cant tab out, game glitches if i do)
ScrapTF | Moonie: It's funny cause he gave me everything of his, email, passwords
staryoshi06: wow
staryoshi06: why?
ScrapTF | Moonie: He said he was done with the game and wanted to make a new email
ScrapTF | Moonie: He noticed I was a mod and was like "Woaw, you're special"
staryoshi06: i guess he has different passwords for everything
staryoshi06: (information i won't share to everyone online)
ScrapTF | Moonie: Same password for email and minecraft :P
ScrapTF | Moonie: Changed it all though
staryoshi06: i bet hell want to come back
staryoshi06: and hell be like
ScrapTF | Moonie: Well
ScrapTF | Moonie: He fucked up'
ScrapTF | Moonie:
staryoshi06: 'ohh no i gave it to this person' I wan Rex? So do I
staryoshi06: do you know who rex is Isn't it a Bad Dragon dildo?
staryoshi06: no
staryoshi06: its a cyberdog from fallout new vegas
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Name: Midnight Firework
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Clothing: Black cargo pants, black belt, Sneakers, white t-shirt (tucked in), dark blue collared shirt (unbuttoned). Variants of this can be possible.

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I hate people who don't know how to join games manually. Here is a simple step-by-step guide:
1. Click the arrow next to your friend's name.
2. Click join game.
3. ???
4. Profit.


WARNING: may be nsfw!

fnaf 3 is comfirmed: I just imagine a group of angels
fnaf 3 is comfirmed: one says
fnaf 3 is comfirmed: hmm where should we place this highly sensitive and ridiculously important important sexual organ in males
fnaf 3 is comfirmed: the other says
fnaf 3 is comfirmed: hmm
fnaf 3 is comfirmed: IN THE ASS
fnaf 3 is comfirmed: and thus the prostate was born

Sputnik: C:
Sputnik: so....
Sputnik: bunnyhop? XD
staryoshi06: watching strem
Sputnik: boooooo
staryoshi06: strem
Sputnik: I'm going to penetrate you extra rough next time I see you >:|
staryoshi06: XD
staryoshi06: now write a fanfic based of off this
staryoshi06: oh and please do

staryoshi06: english isnt your best subject
☼Cewestia: Cause Frensh :^)
☼Cewestia: French wow
☼Cewestia: Fuk you too Star
☼Cewestia: :^)
staryoshi06: ok
staryoshi06: *pulls down pants*
☼Cewestia: We touch pe--- You read my mind
staryoshi06: XD (format is bottom to top) talking about killstreak sheens

Seductive Tavi: // so i rewatched raritys whining scene
Seductive Tavi: // i found it kinda hot :3

staryoshi06: well show you the magic of uhh... killing zombies i guess
staryoshi06: oh and molotovs
staryoshi06: molotov best grenade
TheCassowary: Shitgun best gun
staryoshi06: wow
staryoshi06: shoot crap in their faces
staryoshi06: literally
staryoshi06: sounds great

Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): i never understood how can somene find boobs or butts the size of 50 WTC towers in any way sexy or appealing

staryoshi06: so its a struggle to bread
staryoshi06: breathe
staryoshi06: wow

TheCassowary: So it normally ends in me
TheCassowary: Being unable to feel my hands
staryoshi06: well
staryoshi06: theres your excuse
staryoshi06: 'i couldnt do my homework because my hands turned into hooves'

[8:12:21 AM] Deepthroat: That episode should have been 20 minutes of Twilight sorting books
[8:12:30 AM] Deepthroat: That first minute was amazing
[8:12:33 AM] Manaphy: BOOKS
[8:13:15 AM] staryoshi06: i think we can all agree on that
[8:13:21 AM] Kanzlerin Loona: bewkz
[8:13:22 AM] staryoshi06: hasbro make an episode like that now please
[8:13:31 AM] David Silver: Hasbro> No
[8:13:52 AM] Kanzlerin Loona: hasbro ain’t a bro
[8:13:54 AM] Kanzlerin Loona: they’re like
[8:13:56 AM] Kanzlerin Loona: hasno

TheCassowary: Beige balls :^)
TheCassowary: :^))))))))))))))))))))
TheCassowary: 20 chins
TheCassowary: I didn't bother counting

TheCassowary: does that mean
TheCassowary: your balls are always full :^)
TheCassowary: blue balls :^))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): Hoars cawks are cuut :3

Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): Just shove a hoars cawk in your mouth and you have a gud throat Vilhelm
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): .....
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): *throat bulge
staryoshi06: x3
staryoshi06: phone?
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): ..yes
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): Damnit vilhelm
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): Get out of my throat

Alexplayer: Don't cum in your eye
Alexplayer: it hurts
Alexplayer: trust me.
staryoshi06: x3
Alexplayer: I'm talking from experience

Nova (Lucas): this morning i woke up on the floor covered in random junk with sonic music playing
Nova (Lucas): i have no fucking clue what happened last night

staryoshi06: i dunno then
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): 2 or more
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): and
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): my brain just decides
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): ''i'll take thse letters and mess them up with these ones, and make this word... it makes no sense... hm... oh whatever this is now a word''
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): ''Yes vilhelm get my throat''
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): GOD DAMNIT MAKE IT STOP XDddd

staryoshi06: i saw curry paste in the kitchen
staryoshi06: i though it said
staryoshi06: 'cum paste'
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): xD
staryoshi06: 'rendong cum paste'

staryoshi06: you need your own funny chat sextion
staryoshi06: uhh
staryoshi06: that was completely accidental i swear

JSS: You are touching me in all the wrong ways right now

JSS: I'll die doing the greatest thing mankind imagined
JSS: Fucking

Cpt. David: HOLY SHIT
Cpt. David: I GOTTA GO
Cpt. David: SHIT

staryoshi06: also i got rust
Zero the Letter: So no Jiro?
staryoshi06: i mean
staryoshi06: rust
staryoshi06: the game

staryoshi06: imagine if everone could play with fuze at once
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ritzySwordfish: Stop
ritzySwordfish is now Away.

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