❤ vera ☆
Vera   Glasgow City, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Time may change me, but I can’t trace time.
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Funny Quotes

gobbles : i bet you get off to hentai blindpyro wannabe

donald trump disguised as a burrito : stars is like a jew, has a lot of nice items but nobody likes her

Cwombles : did you know that blindpyro mains pyro?

doctor mallard : I honestly didn’t expect to hit that
Kat : Didn’t expect to hit what?
doctor mallard : the market garden from around the tower
Kat : oh I thought you would have said your girlfriend
Kat : I’ve done that before

30s Milkman : some man over here with some mad jumps with the beaggers bazoinka

Ari : quit fucking using the beggar’s for once in your life and do something that doesn’t require me to change to heavy or scout

blindpyro: i recognize that pupper
blindpyro: :thinking:
Starsrange: shit I've been found out
blindpyro: found the discount blindpyro

Starsrange: uh idk what you're talking about
blindpyro: you're gonna need a duck poo hat
Starsrange: are you sure you're the real blindpyro
blindpyro: sometimes i doubt myself

Ari : oh fuck off I had 1% uber to go, thanks
Ari : considering that I had 4 teammates in front of me how the fuck did you even manage to get me
200 pound guy with a shotgun : because we all suck dog ass
Starsrange : I was going to say they just hate you but that works too
200 pound guy with a shotgun : yeah that too

*DEAD* White_Warlock : merf thatbeggars shi

smegmalodon : get me out of this chair you idiot
smegmalodon disconnected.

Space Jammer : lol you jump around like an anime fan on prom night

*DEAD* a tree blocks your path : beggars is such a fucking crutch
Starsrange : lol
*DEAD* a tree blocks your path : don't fucking lol me you crutch abusing cuntbag

*DEAD* Mister Clean : great another beggars circlejerker

Rhinestone Eyes: can u censor girl nipples with guy nipples

*DEAD* PyroBlade2278273 : for the record, I did not consent

the FBI has joined the game

Azriel : You have a reaaaaaally big peepee mister Heavy

Justin Bieber has joined the game

the fudge man : how does the bootleg give more go

spoons : you canot kill i already ded

Sifu Ip Turkey Man : That's blindpyro but with extra steps

BigPapaGaming : I AM SUCK

*DEAD* Yoyoman : GODDAM
*DEAD* Yoyoman : kill the fuk spy
*DEAD* Yoyoman : no good red

blindpyro : i think i just pooped on a child

blindpyro : The human dick is a lot like the beggar's bazooka. You try to aim, but you'll still miss

Starsrange: People who eat hotdogs for breakfast deserved to get bullied
Cheese_Egg: that's bigoted towards hotdog breakfast club members

Shifty McFingers : I'm so fucking done with these hipster beggars mains

vera ❤ : ban blind from his own chat
kKaltUu : sorry I don't do child abuse

[Dove] : vera stop targeting me

Quotes for my Ego

*DEAD* [adult swim] : Vera you're a madlad doing what you're doing
*DEAD* [adult swim] : salutes are in order

The Rapist : why is this beggars soldier fucking omnipotent

*DEAD* The Rapist : this beggars soldier has the fucking brain of a god, sees every dimension

*DEAD* lil homie gay ass : blu got vera, we got ... eric cartman
*DEAD* lil homie gay ass : how embarrassing

*DEAD* eggroll : fucking comp players ruining servers because they pubstomp
vera ❤ : darling I don't play comp
*DEAD* eggroll : yes you do
*DEAD* eggroll : don't lie

noahtwo : vera do you play jump maps?
vera ❤ : I don't often, why?
noahtwo : you're insane

{Pk} Tai Chi Sai, See? : starsrange is fucking mad holy fuck she's so scary with the bb

Wall of Shame

*DEAD* b : vera stop being a faggot or I'll find where you live, rape you, and make you my slave

vera ❤ : why would you let me do that???
*DEAD* {SAS} MajorSpookiness : shut the fuck up i bet youd drink my fucking cock milk you 13 year old faggot


joeblacklawl left the game (VAC banned from secure server)

rapier Oct 12 @ 7:15pm 
In red-eyed pain I'm knocking on your door again
My crazy brain in tangles
hoodiekitty Sep 7 @ 5:27pm 
:nibbles: hey there
Johovie Aug 8 @ 7:16pm 
good man
Sushi Cat 🍣 Jul 27 @ 9:13pm 
its me you do not smell
#Born2ShitForced2Wipe Jun 2 @ 2:33am 
vera is kinda sorta cool idk
Matteomax May 13 @ 9:10pm 
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