Paru Mizuhashbrown
Alex   Palm Desert, California, United States
Hi, I like Parsee.

I like video games!

Add me for some Smash or Mario Kart on Wii U! My username is GiygasNightmare!

Touhou Games I've 1cc'd:

Lotus Land Story - Normal
Mystic Square - Normal
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - Normal
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Normal
Imperishable Night - Normal
Phantasmagoria of Flower View - Hard
Mountain of Faith - Easy
Unidentified Fantastic Object - Easy

7:49 PM - ParuParu: I lost Marisa
Zap The Ordinary Magician [SWF2] disconnected.
7:49 PM - Tomato [SWF2]: So did we

4:01 PM - sodapopSquid: But when I have the better butt than you, We'll see who is laughing!

12:01 AM - Dr Pirry Head [SWF2]: I AM SO AHRD I CAN"T BEAT MYSELF

12:11 PM - InuSakuya Strider Cho [SWF2]: I have one butt

Suwa + etc. entered chat.
Suwa + etc.: DAMMIT
Suwa + etc.: GEEZ
Suwa + etc. left chat.

7:11 PM - Doktor Paru: I found curly's panties what does that do
7:12 PM - Haberdasher, SOUND!...kinda: \o/ You just found the second useless and dirty item in the game!
7:12 PM - Haberdasher, SOUND!...kinda: The first one is in grasstown.
7:12 PM - Doktor Paru: i think the fact that I found curly's panties is reward enough
7:12 PM - Doktor Paru: I mean
7:12 PM - Haberdasher, SOUND!...kinda: So many fans get a kick out of that.
7:12 PM - Doktor Paru: Quote probably gets pretty lonely out there
7:13 PM - Haberdasher, SOUND!...kinda: ...But is he equipped with a sense of smell?

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b mine again pls
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does spider have pusspuss?
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Not really, I remember having pretty crappy decks up there to mess around with though.