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" As with every Total War title, the strategic gameplay is some of the best among its contemporaries. Yet, many feel the formula is turning stale and in that regard Total War: Warhammer was a missed opportunity. This is still a quality entry into the series, but the decision to purchase comes down to whether or not you enjoyed previous releases and feel that a Warhammer makeover with a few added RPG elements warrants a purchase. "

Full review here:
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Quark Bent 12 de Jan às 1:27 
Just wanna say, thanks for your work and reviews :) Hope you keep on keepin' on, as they say
Monty On The Run 2 Set, 2020 às 21:50 
You are pretty cool dude. Why won't you love me?
Whaaat 5 Abr, 2020 às 7:01 
hi ! Have watched ur video about Golden Axe , dude, it's awesome :D
St1ka 15 Dez, 2019 às 0:20 
@EpicPotatoFiend Thank you! I actually have been planning to do more videos covering Portuguese and Brazilian gaming history, but new Mega Drive / Genesis games just keep coming out. They're literally making them faster than I can review them lol
EpicPotatoFiend 14 Dez, 2019 às 21:08 
@St1ka Hey, thanks for what you do! Here in the US we don't know too much about things like the Speccy or the CPC, and contemporary Genesis/MegaDrive dev coverage isn't as good as I'd like it to be. My only request is that you'd cover more Portuguese/non-English gaming history. Quirky isolated instances like Paradise Cafe are bread and butter to historians like myself. Keep up the good work, my dude!
St1ka 14 Dez, 2019 às 2:42 
@EpicPotatoFiend Thank you! Always glad to meet a subscriber! :D