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Jul 13 @ 12:31pm
In topic R-18 patch
Originally posted by Andrew:
This may be difficult to answer but as far as the ACTUAL CONTENT, how many H SCENES / CG et are there???
In my dlsite copy theres 42 entries in the CG/game over gallery. I'm missing 1 but I assume the black box in the middle of the row isn't there for giggles. Then again, the dlsite page says a total of 41 scenes so... /shrug.

There's a good bit of content if you're just in it for the H. They're all different so it's not like other games of this type that just do palette swaps to bump up the amount of scenes.
Jul 8 @ 7:12pm
In topic Already bought the UnHolY games
But I'll buy again here to show support. Gameplay is pretty solid and I'm a sucker for some sexy pixel animation which this series definitely has.

Needs good trading cards/wallpaper featuring some of that delicious artwork.
Jun 29 @ 5:34pm
In topic Unnecessary NPC vendor slow fade dialog

Running back and forth to buy materials and craft is already tiresome without this problem.
Jun 23 @ 11:47am
In topic Posing questions
This is the kind of VR experience I've been looking for. I enjoy "creating and posing" in various 3d modeling programs so getting to do that in VR sounds awesome. I do have a few questions though.

1. Are customization options going to be open to the community? Like, can I create/convert/edit clothing, hair, objects, etc outside of the game and import them for use?

2. How detailed is the posing? The video on the store page showed moving around the main body parts but no detailed posing of the fingers, toes, hair or face (eyes, brows, mouth). I saw the hair move when brushed against but didn't see any of those "posing blocks" found in the shoulders, hips, wrists, etc.

3. Is it one character per scene or can we add, edit and pose multiple models?

4. Can we create or edit animations?

Thanks for any answers provided.
Jun 4 @ 7:40pm
In topic Change in Hellkite's behavior?
He only flies off if you manage to run past him to the bonfire underneath his perch. He stays gone until you reset him by going to the other end of the bridge and spawning him (like the first time he burns up the bridge). Have to reload the world if you try to do that immediately after sending him away.

I've not shot his tail off since discovering how easy/quick it was to cut his tail off with a melee weapon and gold pine resin. Still, I don't remember it ever being the case that he'd fly off just because he lost his tail.
Jun 2 @ 5:18pm
In topic Server offline
Been sunbro'ing off and on for the past hour or so. No issues here.
May 24 @ 2:38pm
In topic Best starting class?
Short term it depends on what you want to do with your character. Long term it doesn't matter.

I usually pick Thief or Pyromancer. Thief for the Master Key (can also take as starting gift) and Pyro is the only class that starts at level 1.
May 15 @ 10:16pm
In topic PS4 Controller support?
Just to confirm, it does use Playstation prompts if you use your DS4 without enabling it through Steam. Not sure why it doesn't work for Ossie though. Maybe the way it's set up through Windows?

The reason all the user screenshots show keyboard prompts is because the game automatically swaps between keyboard and controller prompts so when you hit your screenshot key it swaps to keyboard prompts.
May 15 @ 2:47pm
In topic PS4 Controller support?
Bumping and hoping for an answer to this. I browsed through the user screenshots and only saw keyboard prompts.
Apr 23 @ 3:14pm
In topic Adol fishing?
It's intended and can happen regardless of where your cast lands. Basically you were aiming for a certain spot and Adol (or whoever you're using) messed up the cast. It can still land inside the fishing circle but it won't be where you were aiming. "darn it"

A messed up cast is more noticeable with someone like Laxia who has more air time on her casts. "my rod!"
I got A ranking on Adol's team and S ranking on Dogi's team the first two raids. No achievement. The third time I got S rank on Adol and Dogi's team. Got the achievement.

I'm pretty sure that's how it worked when I played the game on PS4.
Apr 18 @ 12:39am
In topic Leftover Japanese Text
Win 10 Pro (64bit)
i5 4690k 3.5 GHz
Nvidia GTX 980 4GB (driver version 391.35)
Onboard Audio
Dualshock 4 connected via USB
1920x1080 single monitor

During a transition/fade during the scene the game locks up. I can ctrl alt del but can't bring up task manager to force the program closed. I have to sign out of windows or restart my computer. Happened twice during that same cutscene. About to give it a third try before skipping the scene altogether :/

Edit: After the first lockup I signed out of windows to force the program closed. After the second lockup I restarted my PC. I got through the cutscene the third try.
Yup, fishing up that skeleton from the stream in the early game has wrecked many unsuspecting players. I was among them last year :D
Apr 16 @ 9:29pm
In topic Issues I've encountered
No crashing or performance issues so far but I've only played 1 hr to the point where Adol and Laxia are about to leave camp. Fingers crossed. :nier_resistance:
Apr 16 @ 9:24pm
In topic Issues I've encountered
Win 10 Pro (64bit)
i5 4690k 3.5 GHz
Nvidia GTX 980 4GB (driver version 391.35)
Onboard Audio
Dualshock 4 connected via USB
1920x1080 single monitor

Issue #1
Game keeps resetting button prompts to XBox buttons after setting them to symbols.

Solution: Disable dualshock support through steam. This should be fixed though as it needs to be enabled for other games that don't support DS4 natively. Plus it's nice being able to program the Dualshock 4.

Issue #2
During gameplay when accessing the save menu and backing out too quickly the screen has a flashing blue and red tint. Does not go away while navigating the menus.

Solution: Upon exiting the menus and returning to gameplay the blue tint is gone. Menus will appear as normal if opened again.

Issue #3
8 way movement. That's not how the movement was in the other versions and is especially bad for a game all about tight gameplay. You should already know about this and be working on a fix.

Edit 1

Issue #4
L3 (left stick click) not working so I can't resize the minimap.

Solution (?): I swapped the button config around to test if the button wasn't working or just the action (minimap resize) and now L3 works. This was also an issue with changing ally behavior and was fixed the same way.

Crash log:

-After the first time you call for help from the castaways to clear the path forward the game crashed upon moving to the next area.

They're doing something with their private nightly build (updated an hour ago). Dunno what that "something" is though.
Mar 28 @ 2:54pm
In topic Pathetic Nintendo console support
Good. ♥♥♥♥ Nintendo and their obedient sheep.
Mar 26 @ 8:06pm
In topic Buy on Steam or UPlay?
Does UPlay have refunds available on digital purchases? Something to consider if they don't.
I'll certainly be getting MoC before VIII regardless of the release dates.
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