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Testing One..Two..

Complete 1 match.
0 / 1


Win a match for the first time.
0 / 1

Hall Monitor

Reach the end of the skill test hallway in the Crash Course.

Crash Test

Win the Crash Course match against our trainer.

Elevate Beginner

Finish the first hall in the Elevate training level.

Elevate Adept

Finish the second hall in the Elevate training level.

Elevate Expert

Finish the final hall in the Elevate training level.

Accelerate Beginner

Finish the first hall in the Accelerate training level.

Accelerate Adept

Finish the second hall in the Accelerate training level.

Accelerate Expert

Finish the final hall in the Accelerate training level.


Frag an opponent while you are in the air.

Speed Kills

Frag an enemy while moving at over 500 units per second.


Use a rocket to kill an opponent who is in the air.

First Frag

Score the first kill in a match.
0 / 1

Hat Trick

Record 3 Excellent medals in 1 game.

Aim Bot

Win a match with 60% or greater accuracy.

Plus One

Frag an opponent when you have only 1 health.

First Taste

Accumulate 100 Frags.
0 / 100


Record 15 or more frags in a single match with the Rail Gun.


Use the Rail Gun to frag an opponent with only 1 point of health.


Deny Quad Damage from your opponent.


Frag an opponent who has Quad Damage when you have no power-up.


Record 5 Gauntlet frags in one match.

Jesse James

Win a Duel without dying.

Air Hammer

Frag an opponent with Gauntlet while both of you are in the air.

Here Goes Nothing

Frag your opponent with Gauntlet in a Duel.

Nade Spam

Win a CA round using the Grenade Launcher.

Full House

Earn at least 1 Capture, Defense, and Assist medal in a CTF match.


Accumulate 500 Frags.
0 / 500

Last Hope

In Clan Arena, frag 3 or more opposing players to win the round, when you're the last alive.

Punch Out

Get the last frag in a CA round with gauntlet.

Smack Down

Accumulate 10 or more Quad Damage frags in 1 game.


Accumulate 250 Impressive Medals.
0 / 250


Accumulate 100 Defense Medals.
0 / 100

Evil Eye

Accumulate 100 Revenge Medals.
0 / 100

Missed Opportunity

Kill the opposing team in Attack & Defend without touching the flag.

Rocket Man

Accumulate 500 frags using the Rocket Launcher.
0 / 500

Fear Me

Accumulate 1000 Frags.
0 / 1,000


Record 5 Shotgun frags of opponents in the air in one match.

Big Time

Complete 250 matches.
0 / 250

Point Denied

Hold 3 Domination control points in an arena for at least 30 seconds.

Resource Hog

Get Quad and Battle Suit in one match.


Earn 3 or more Capture, Defense, and Assist medals in a CTF match.

Head Hunter

Capture at least 3 skulls at once in Harvester.

Sucker Punch

Use the Gauntlet to frag an opponent who has Quad Damage.

WTF Was That

Record your first frag with the Kamikaze Item.

Miracle Maker

Kill two enemy flag carriers moments before their cap in 1 game.

2 in 2

Accumulate 250 Excellent Medals.
0 / 250

Fight Club

Accumulate 50 Humiliation Medals.
0 / 50


Get 25 frags using projectiles on opponents midair.
0 / 25


Record a final score of 666 in Capture the Flag.


Win a Capture the Flag match by 1 capture, ending the match with your winning flag run.

Ninja Cap

Capture the flag in Attack & Defend without killing anyone on the team, minimum size 3.

Prize Fighter

Complete 1000 matches.
0 / 1,000


Accumulate 1000 combined total Capture the Flag Medals (Capture, Assist, Defense).

Color Guard

Accumulate 100 Capture Medals.
0 / 100


Accumulate 100 Assist Medals.
0 / 100


Accumulate 10000 Frags.
0 / 10,000