ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Y U GRAPIST   Illinois, United States
I fucking miss Nosgoth )':

Took about 9 months of cheating (in shittynauts) for my badge of pride!


Well RIP Nosgoth, the game I was top 50 players in for a long time (30th ish I think)
Stupid quotes:
" i see so many say people rude words and no one are ban .
maybe i tell a rude words, i now is bad say rude words , i´m be mad wen i see morons in the group , i lose 10 arenas , and i say a rude words to the group , maybe because of that i don´t now . forgive me . 74 h is to many ok."

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1537 day(s) since last ban
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badass round end with a reaver clawing me and another kicking me
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Cringe Jun 2 @ 12:21pm 
k, u win
fallbeforemebreton Jun 2 @ 12:16pm 
No, OSRS is definately autism. I have spent 3 weeks doing nothing but laps on the rellka agility course
Cringe Jun 2 @ 12:14pm 
osrs is not autism, rs3 is autism.
fallbeforemebreton Jun 2 @ 10:52am 
No thanks, I have autism and I am heavily antisocial. I also play OSRS if that hints to my heavy autism.
Cringe Jun 2 @ 4:25am 
get some frinds
fallbeforemebreton Apr 17 @ 6:58pm 
Holy shit you're fucking needy