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I made stntrading.eu, a popular trading website for TF2 Items.

I will decline your friend request unless I recognize you. If you want to get in touch with me, drop me an email at spyfly@stntrading.eu.
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STN.Trading is the largest automated TF2 item trading site
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TipsY 25 października 2018 o 15:35 
added to trade
¡Poki^TF2 10 października 2018 o 7:32 
Siwa 30 września 2018 o 22:23 
Big inventory but a lot of items aren't used
ragestorm 2 września 2018 o 2:21 
Added for trade mr.trader
✚Plague✚ [Busy School] 30 sierpnia 2018 o 8:19 
yeah i know right
Akof07 CSGO500 tradeit.gg 30 sierpnia 2018 o 7:19 
Hey Staff, smth wrong happened yesterday with my trade on stn.
It called undefined, then message: “Your offer is being processed by our Bots. It should be sent in a moment.”, but now it writes everytime without any incoming trades :/
I can do nothing at the moment. Everytime blue alert message that I need to wait more and red alert - ("You are already in the Queue!
Please wait until your TradeOffer is processed!") and can't get any trade.
Help pls. Thanks.

I think problem with tradeid is 3536504