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The Music Enjoyer

Play at least 20 tracks
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 3:20am

S Apprentice

Receive an "S" score on one track
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 2:38am

S Associate

Receive an "S" score on five tracks
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 3:55am

S Aficionado

Receive an "S" score on ten tracks
Unlocked Sep 29 @ 9:07pm

S Virtuoso

Receive an "S" score on fifteen tracks
Unlocked Oct 31 @ 3:14am

I Would Prefer Not To

Abstain from tooting
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 4:54am

The Tootmaster

Meet Tootmaster Tom
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 3:03am

The Bassmaster

Meet Bassmaster Ben
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 4:57am


Unlock a trombone color
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 3:51am

Apex Aesthete

Unlock all trombone colors
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 11:28am

Gettin' Tootier

Unlock a Sound Set
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 3:15am

Got Tootiest

Unlock all Sound Sets
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 5:06am

Yo! I Got a Sack

Get a sack
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 2:43am

Card Collector

Get 50 Tromboner Cards
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 11:08am

New Friend

Meet a Mysterious Friend
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 3:50am

Never Liked the Guy

Turd your last Mozart card
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 4:48am

No more

Abstain from sound completely
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 4:55am

I Want Them All!

Express your love of baboons
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 2:45am


Become the Trombone Champ of Legend
Unlocked Sep 25 @ 2:09am

Big Brain Scholar

Develop an enormous brain full of facts
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 3:41am


Receive an "S" score on twenty or more tracks