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Posted: Aug 7, 2016 @ 11:15am
Updated: May 10, 2021 @ 7:12am

Updated Video Review posted 4/2021
Followup Video coming soon

Revised 4/2021
Foreword: Hacks exist, people use them. They are undetectable. Funcom does not care. Will post a detailed video covering this in the future.

Customer support:
It doesn't exist if you're free-to-play "froob". They will not lift a finger to assist you if you have issues. And you will. If you're a paying subscriber (or trying to be), you can expect a petition response time averaging 2 weeks or more. Some players report response times in the multiples of months. So Caveat Emptor, as they say. Let the buyer beware.

The Basics
There are only 2 servers, Fury (PvP) and Crom (PvE), Fury is dead. There are literally 10 or less people roaming around at any given time. Crom averages slightly more than 100 players during prime time for both EU and NA. Also, the servers are based in NA, so if you live in Europe, enjoy those high pings!

Sure, you could shout to the heavens that it has the best combat of any mmo, and I would agree with you, but the company behind the game has abandoned it and left it for dead. Now they simply collect whatever funds people throw their way and apply those funds to other projects like Conan Exiles.

The basics
The level cap is 80. The game has an extended advancement system that completely unbalances the game called AA feats. DYOR on that but if you're familiar with ESO's CP system, It's like that.

The PVE side
These days, the only thing to do is PvE but even that is dull and boring. The last raid released has been farmed to oblivion and the top tier raiders are getting bored. How many times can you run alts through the same content?

The 6 man dungeon
There are many variations of these. You have your low level 6 man group dungeons that start around level 30-35, revamped low level dungeons scaled to lvl 80 called "unchained mode dungeons" As well as expansion pack dungeons. They are mostly quick and very rewarding. I would recommend these starting out for good gear if you can get a group.

The 24 man raid dungeons.
These are level 80 end game dungeons and generally consist of 4 groups of 6 combined to form a "raid". Currently there are 6 tiers of raid dungeon. Tier 1 being the easiest and Tier 6 being the hardest. Most raid bosses are tank and spank time sinks, some are more complex. All have need/greed loot rolls that are open to all regardless of class. This leads to ninja looting on occasion. Most raids will be very controlling in dispersal of loot. There are on average 2-3 pieces of epic gear that drop per raid boss and raid instances can vary in how many bosses. from 2 to 8. Raids can take a few hours to complete so set aside some time on raid night, especially progression raids. and don't be surprised if you come away completely empty handed.. alot...

World boss Week
Every 2nd week of the month is "World Boss Week". A random epic boss spawns somewhere in the game and everyone goes after it. It is a giant pinata that can kill you. The tanks can never hold aggro and everyone runs around like an idiot. They usually pull it to the res pad so they can fight it there while dying over and over. On Crom this is milked for everything its worth. On Fury you might get some pvp during the fight.

Free to play:
You are limited to 10 gold currency, the rest goes to escrow, You can now do all pve and pvp content in the game. No more content barriers/paywalls. Subscribing gives you huge xp and loot bonuses and other free stuff so check it out. It isn't a bad deal anymore. I subscribe yearly for 98 bucks, (7.99 a month). The base monthly fee is 12.99 a month.

Global chat - Nowadays, you can be banned for even lightly insulting someone, or using swear words. It's a 0 tolerance chat policy, but hackers are prevalent. (i say hackers but I mean cheaters who use 3rd party apps such as radar /comber and what not). They have time to ban people but not to offer customer support.

The PvP
The PvP in this game is dead. Mini-games (6v6 tournaments) seldom pop unless you're on during the early hours of NA time (EU prime time). You also can not queue with friends and be guaranteed a spot on the same team. Matchmaking is pure unbalanced chance. And usually its all healers and high ranking pvp players on one team and low rank newbies with no heals on the other. There was a small community for semi-competitive pvp but it became a toxic cesspool of s*** so that didn't last.

Sieges (Now 24v24). Sieges are a rare occurrence but they can still be fun. Sieges used to be 48v48. I think the 24v24 mechanic was a good step in the right direction. Trying to manage 48 players is a nightmare.
You can see a recent siege go down here. I do plan to log on to siege when one happens. It's the only reason I haven't uninstalled.

The PvP Festival monthly event
on the 3rd week of every month, one zone is chosen to be an open world pvp zone and players sometimes congregate there. Usually its people farming alts for whatever reason. What do they expect to accomplish? The idea is to get pvp xp for pvp gear but once you get the gear, you realize that pvp is dead and your gear doesn't matter as much.

PvP Balance - Some classes have the advantage over others and some have advantages over every other class. That's all I'm going to say on this.

Guilds: To start a guild and get it off the ground takes an astronomical amount of effort. The game was designed under the impression that guilds would have hundreds of active members at any given time who could farm materials and contribute. Yea.. Not even the biggest guilds have that many people.

Eso is a better investment of your time and money. That's where you'll find me.

All In all I have walked away from this game and I suggest you take your money elsewhere, as the only thing they do with the money they make of this game is spend it on Conan Exiles or whatever project they have in the pipes.

Funcom = literally worse than EA.

All in all, it's free to play so if you haven't played it in awhile, it won't hurt you to try it out, just beware that if you try to purchase anything from them, you WILL have issues with payments.
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Kropt Jul 9, 2021 @ 6:57am 
Putting out a detailed video about the hacking might compel others to just pick up the program and start hacking themselves. The guys who showed me the program were in Carnage and almost all those dudes used it. What a shame though, if they could detect these programs the pvp would still be really good I feel.
Starseed17 Aug 7, 2016 @ 6:41pm 
Sounds like another solo mmorpg which is a bit skimpy for a subscribtion.