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I have tendonitis in both wrists, have mercy. Not gaming too hard.


9:56 PM - freelander: hi, sorry if u just accepted i was watching a shitty fight lol
9:56 PM - Persephone: lol cool
9:57 PM - freelander: this is probably a long shot and wont happen but im making a last minute team for plat hl, still need a medic and someone recommended you
9:57 PM - Persephone: was it fucking watterson?
9:57 PM - freelander: if you cant or dont want i completely understand but i figured id ask
9:57 PM - Persephone: LOL
9:57 PM - freelander: LOL UR GOOD
9:57 PM - freelander: WTF
9:57 PM - Persephone: IT WAS WATTERSON?
9:57 PM - Persephone: yeah that's what i thought!
9:58 PM - freelander: LOL

Youtube I posted highlander match POVs here.
Twitch [] Not streaming right now.

If I remove you, feel free to add back. I make attempts to clean my friends list but I get lazy, heh.


S10 Steel Upper Advantage (Main Soldier)
S11 Steel Trigger Warning (Main Soldier)
S11 Silver Just Kidding! (Backup Medic)
S12 Silver Eleventh Love Squadron (Main Medic)
S13 Silver What's Good (Main Medic)
S13 Silver Secretly We Are Kawaii (Main Medic)
S14 Gold Praise the Sun (Main Medic)
S15 Gold Cunning Linguists (Main Medic)
S15 Gold More Than Adequate (Main Medic)
S16 Gold Mtn (Backup Medic) (3rd place)
S17 Gold appel (Main Medic) (2nd place, no-playoff season)
S18 Plat A Million Ways (Main Medic)
S19 Plat appel (Main Medic)

UGC 6s

S11 Steel Eevee Trained (Steel Backup Medic/Roamer)
S12 Plat Monkey and the 66s (Extra Body)
S13 Plat Monkey and the 66s (Backup-in-case-of-Apocalypse) (it happened)
S14 Gold Twitch Mods (Backup)
S15 Gold Sisseling Stats (Medic- 1rst Place Gold Champions of Showing Up)

This is where I keep my quote wall.

6:09 PM - |↑adv| Spork: so watcha doin?
6:10 PM - Atomsk: jerfin
6:10 PM - |↑adv| Spork: please tell me you're kidding
6:10 PM - Atomsk: no?
6:10 PM - |↑adv| Spork: =_=
6:10 PM - Atomsk: do you think I typo'd?
6:10 PM - |↑adv| Spork: jerkin?
6:10 PM - Atomsk: no, lol
6:10 PM - Atomsk: jump_jurf_a2

5:38 PM - ❤prototype has changed their name to ❤spork, blond asian karate masta.
5:41 PM - ❤spork, blond asian karate masta is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.


7:40 AM - sky_: here we find the ever elusive gurlgamur in her natural habitat
7:40 AM - sky_: in front of a laptop in a dark dorm room with no boys and makeup


9:22 PM - brick has changed their name to Spork, will you marry me?.
12:45 AM - RawrSpoon: My daughter will never marry a brick
12:46 AM - Spork, will you marry me?: Don't worry
12:46 AM - Spork, will you marry me?: she said no :P
12:46 AM - RawrSpoon: ok
12:46 AM - RawrSpoon: I don't actually know who that is
12:46 AM - RawrSpoon: but ya know


4:59 PM - atlas✿: you have
4:59 PM - atlas✿: 1 kill on your disciplinary action
4:59 PM - atlas✿: but 1379 teammate whips
4:59 PM - Spork LFT Med: i like my action
4:59 PM - Spork LFT Med: but i don't finish often
4:59 PM - atlas✿: i can't believe this
4:59 PM - atlas✿: I CAN'T
4:59 PM - atlas✿: BELIEVE THIS
4:59 PM - atlas✿: FUCK U
4:59 PM - atlas✿: THAT WAS SO BAD


7:55 PM - -π- The Alpha and Yanmega LFT: also dont take this the wrong way but im surprised you arent blonde
7:55 PM - cL Spork #laptop: OMG
7:56 PM - cL Spork #laptop: u arent the first one to say that
7:55 PM - -π- The Alpha and Yanmega LFT: youre just so ditzy sometimes
7:56 PM - cL Spork #laptop: EXCUSE ME


11:36 PM - UGC smobo: you're the best utensil


1:10 AM - UGC TERRY CREWS: you get weird late at night spork

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