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Posted: Sep 29, 2021 @ 10:58pm
Updated: Apr 15 @ 5:15pm

1.0 Review
Whilst Efootball updated after such a long time, the game is far from being in a fully stable place.
Allthough that is the case, the fantasy team gamemode has started in its most very basic fashion and all the controls and mechanics have been improved to now all be ''playable''.

-- Good things --
- Improved all the basic elements and they work, now its a real 0.1 version early access beta (not a 1.0 tbh lol)
- Freedom of the stunning modifier making you able to do wind up shots/passes on your own terms
- Manual player selection option menu from ball or from player
- Big Serotonine shot during the Dreamteam Animation when packing a player. looks well designed
- Graphics up close, Face styles improved and are the only times stuff looks next-gen
- Little details like legends having their year on the type (Ofcourse for more content exploration (or exploitation?)
- Nice new league licenes like the J-League and North America (or Fake leagues with real life players)

-- Bad things --
- Still unoptimised
- Colour coded menu is still blinding
- UI in general is so simple, it only seems like the technical side of it works
- Crazy amount of Ice Skating on the players to make the animations work and link up to the ball
- Feels extremely on rails because of the point above, not in terms of controller to ingame actions freedom. But in terms of game offering freedom
- Even though its on rails player awareness can decline greatly (It feels very predetermined when a player knows where the ball is)
- More to the Arcade side (personal preference), It does not simulate the depths of football in terms of ball physics, foot planting, momentum or power, everything is simpler
- Can do everything in Stunning variant, which is good and bad looking at realism, only finesse shots cant be
done in stunning style because that becomes a canceled shot. LOL
- Breaks all type of logic and momentum and physics override for more video gamey player freedom
- Abysmally basic Dream team menu's
- Dream team ultra basic, Seems like they just want to start up the coin buying machine
- Freedom of choosing what to train on your dream team players. It can be a good thing but at the moment I feel like
it undermines the hunt for amazing players and inviduality.
- No 3D grass during freekicks
- Net physics feel like they perform at a way lower fps, they are also not detailed
- Scoring goals feel very lifeless to me because of this point above, but also because theres just no weight to it, no excellent ball physics
- Lack of obviously a lot of modes still, Not even the basic ones are in there, co-op or offline play and all that.

-- PC only bad things --
- Controller pickup extremely weird, doesnt pick up my Dualshock 4 in Settings.exe anymore. Steam override works but has some added
- 60fps cap
- Making it also have no Vsync solutions
- No fullscreen resolution selection either

[h4]-- Still not sure about -- [/h4]
- The proficiency or player skill training styles choice you have to make forever on a certain player
- Durability of this multi year Dream team Fantasy game mode

Original Review:
I can't recommend it at this state
PES turns into Efootball and joins the style of a Live service game, where updates can happen more frequently over seasons & years.

A quick pro's and con list after 4 hours of play.

- The idea of the new dribbling
- The concept of the new defending mechanics
- Instant play from ball boys without cutting away
- Some Quality of life changes (Like Condition arrow stat updates shown in game plan)
- Some ''immersive'' clean extra (pre match) cutscenes
- Manual shielding

- Menu's and UI + Colours
- Manual shielding (its a con and a pro because its implemented wonky once again)
- Graphics & Lightning, 3D grass, Crowd detail, everything ♥♥♥♥♥♥
- Animations & Sliding of animations
- Removal of a mega chunk of Player ID (all players walk the same and shoot the same except on fks & pens)
- Removal of player momentum simulations
- Removal of foot planting on animations
- Players forgetting where the ball is or running in a bended way around the ball
- Responsiveness of controls at times where the player has the ball 1mm infront of him but just takes a lot of time to respond or it just glides off and away
- The Physicality being the most glitchy thing on the new L2 physical bodying move
- Dumbed down Tactics, Extremely basic options
- R1 to fake an action like a shot, HOLD r1 for Finesse but Shoot + R1 after is faking it, So you cant time when to transition into a finesse anymore which gives a lot less options shooting wise
- Ball physics, Shooting trajectories feel dull, extremely low ''wow'' feel when scoring, Ball physics also feel extremely dumbed down
- There is a weird balance between the X pass power and Triangle pass power where the triangle passes power is so high power that you actually almost always overhit it unless certain angles.
- Face emotions are different then PES2021 but not necesarilly better
- Lots of random glitches occur at this moment in time
- Doesn't feel premium in any way, feels very cheap and mobile
- Sound effects in menu's sound as if theyre from the early 2000s, searching for a game sounds like a nuke incoming constantly and finding a match sounds like your dinner is ready
-The L2 Physical defending is also way too overpowered, you can physically overpower quite a lot of folks even when they shield the ball, because said physics go wonky

- PC ONLY: 60fps Cap is vile, 30fps replay cap viler especially as this seems to be an easy to run game, 144hz+ squad where you at?
- PC ONLY: No vsync options & Fullscreen/resolution picker

Might improve over the Weeks/Months/Years even as they can keep tweaking this, but at this point in time and probably a long while its a not recommended for me.
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scottwatty33 Jun 24 @ 1:37pm 
sorry u got you dont like the game
scottwatty33 Jun 24 @ 1:37pm 
i had no isseus:steamhappy:
dimo1974 May 22 @ 10:05am 
Which modes available ? Could we play a league ?
FLIGHT TEAM STAND UP Apr 27 @ 6:33pm 
can you 1v1 with mates online ?
OnsWesleyy Apr 20 @ 12:10am 
Its bad, eFootball 2021 was really good, but they messed up this year with 2022..
you should try it, its free ofcourse, but its really weird,
PitrsCZE Apr 14 @ 5:08pm 
They wasted 2 years by doing nothing and then they copied FIFA ratings to game using same mechanics from PES 21 SE copy and paste to this 'NEW' 'GAME' with Unreal Engine (older version) and they say 'It´s real football.'

"Monarch LawD" Mar 15 @ 12:15am 
Cant even download 2021 what a fuckin L
jarlhaggar Feb 9 @ 12:25pm 
is this game really bad?.....
i'm wanting a Football game for a bit of fun/relaxation, i'm reading these reviews and is worrying....
i accept its a free to play game, but surely it must be at least ok?
Krazy Jan 12 @ 5:03am 
Very helpful
BANGSYAMPINK Oct 27, 2021 @ 7:22am 
konami suck