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Personal Achievements

Construct Base

Construct a Base
Unlocked Jun 15, 2018 @ 10:42am

Upgrade Base

Upgrade your base
Unlocked Jun 15, 2018 @ 9:58am

Acquire 50 Low Grade Fuel

Acquire 50 Low Grade Fuel
Unlocked Jun 15, 2018 @ 10:39am

Collect 300 Metal Ore

Collect 300 Metal Ore
Unlocked Jun 15, 2018 @ 9:15am

Visit a Road

Visit a Road
Unlocked Jun 15, 2018 @ 9:19am

Collect 65 Scrap

Collect 65 Scrap
Unlocked Jun 15, 2018 @ 10:29am

Destroy 10 Barrels

Destroy 10 Barrels
Unlocked Jun 15, 2018 @ 10:40am

Something of a scientist myself

Kill 5 Scientists
Unlocked Mar 28, 2020 @ 1:22pm

Place Camp Fire

Place a camp fire

Craft Camp Fire

Craft a campfire

Collect Wood

Collect 100 Wood
0 / 100

Craft Stone Hatchet

Collect 200 Stone

0 / 200

Craft Stone Pickaxe

Place Sleeping Bag

Place a sleeping bag

Collect 700 Wood

Collect 700 Wood
100 / 800

Craft Spear

Craft a wooden spear

Craft Sleeping Bag

Craft a Sleeping Bag

Collect 30 Cloth

Collect 30 Cloth
0 / 30

Craft Building Plan

Craft a Building Plan

Craft Hammer

Craft a Hammer

Craft Wooden Door

Craft a Wooden Door

Craft Lock

Craft a lock

Place Wooden Door

Place a Wooden Door

Place Lock

Place a Lock

Lock the Lock

Lock the Lock

Craft Tool Cupboard

Craft a Tool Cupboard

Place Tool Cupboard

Place a tool Cupboard

Collect 50 Cloth

Collect 50 Cloth
30 / 80

Craft Hunting Bow

Craft a Hunting Bow

Craft Arrows

Craft some Arrows

Kill an Animal

Kill an Animal

Skin an Animal

Skin an Animal
0 / 5

Craft Burlap Headwrap

Craft a Burlap Headwrap

Craft Burlap Shirt

Craft a Burlap Shirt

Craft Burlap Pants

Craft Burlap Pants

Equip Clothing

Equip 3 pieces of clothing

Craft Wooden Box

Craft a Wooden Box

Place Wooden Box

Place a Wooden Box

Craft a Furnace

Craft a Furnace

Place a Furnace

Place a Furnace

Craft a Machete

Craft a Machete

Craft a Workbench

Craft a Workbench

Place a Workbench

Place a Workbench

Craft a Nailgun

Craft a Nailgun

Craft Nailgun Nails

Craft Nailgun Nails

Research an Item

Research an Item

Craft a Research Table

Craft a Research Table

Place a Research Table

Place a Research Table

First Notes

Play your first instrument
0 / 1

Musical Maestro

Play every instrument

Cool Kids Club

Be in a team where every team member is riding a Boogie Board or Inner Tube (minimum 4 members)


Take a photo of another player


Splash another player with a Water Pistol while that player is irradiated


Soak another player above the damage threshold using a water gun.


Get a kill using a water gun.

No Pressure

Get a kill with a super soaker pumped at the lowest pressure.

Party Boat

Dance with 2 other players at the front of the Cargo Ship.

Bad Neighbour

Use a megaphone while in another player's Tool Cupboard radius.

On the Record

Record another player speaking onto a Cassette.

Like Nobody's Watching

Dance near a playing Boom Box on an active Disco Floor.

I can no longer see

Stare into a laser light for 30 seconds.

I should buy this Soundtrack

Listen to the Rust soundtrack from a Boom Box for 30 seconds

Full Collection

Play an instrument while floating in an Inner Tube while listening to a Boom Box play a radio stream

Buckle Up

Start a fully repaired car with a full set of T3 engine parts

It's Honest Work

Plant a different seed in every slot in a Large Planter Box

Pro Angler

Catch one of every fish

Terror in the Deep

Travel to an underwater lab with a submarine

Friendly Neighbour

Wave at 5 different players
0 / 5

Thread the Needle

Land a Minicopter on the Cargo Ship

High Roller

Win 3 rounds of poker at Bandit Camp
0 / 3

Mission Accomplished

Complete 5 missions for NPC's
0 / 5

Death from Above

Kill another player with the MLRS
0 / 1

On Track

Kill 10 Tunnel Dwellers while on a moving work cart
0 / 10

Apex Predator

Kill 3 sharks with a speargun
0 / 3

Smooth Sailing

Travel 3KM with a companion in a Kayak
0 / 3,000

Big Brother

Watch another player through a CCTV camera

Heavy Industry

Activate the Excavator
0 / 1

Waste Not, Want Not

Recycle 10 cars at Junkyard
0 / 10

Rust Air

Pilot a Scrap Transport Helicopter with 5 passengers

Battle Bus

Drive a modular car with 4 passengers

Arctic Speed

Acquire a snowmobile in an Arctic Research Base

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