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"You are a Sky, and your emotions (depression, anger, Anxiety) Are like clouds, some of them are white, some of them are Grey, some of them Are fluffy and some of them Are not. But for sure, they Are gonna go away. The sky might not be 100% clear but you will still be fine. Because these emotions will just come and go... they might stay for a While; but they will eventually fade." - a quote from a youtube coment.

life is too precious life is so nice in life we're too reckless though life seems to just fly by. so enjoy this life, with everything you have, be strong and have might, before your mind begins to crash. because even though it sucks its actually quite beautiful, hurt? sad? well shucks, we still need to be thankful. so smile, be confident, be proud in what you do, even for while, life will represent, that you, are you. so love this life. love it will all you have. even if you try, forever will not be sad. you'll smile, you'll laugh, you'll cry and feel joy, so take care of it, this life is no toy.
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