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"Good people don’t rip other people’s arms off."
NA Worst Helicopter Pilot
Random internet cutout gamer
Adepted Ash With 800 Ping
Ping translator: 50 ping = 70, 90 ping = 120
Halloween name gone
"Alexander D. Mayhem : hallow is our carry
Alexander D. Mayhem : he just forgot :D"
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left4dead chronicles 3: witch hotel
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Inner-Machinations of My Mind
:sbpatr::sbangr: Alexander D. Mayhem : hallow is our carry
:sbpatr::sbangr: Alexander D. Mayhem : he just forgot :D

:sbpatr::sbangr: Hax boys trying to be men : zoey = ♥♥♥♥♥ hacker
:sbpatr::sbangr: Hax boys trying to be men : spongy, read my name boy
:sbpatr::sbangr: Hax boys trying to be men : grow a ♥♥♥♥ and take that ♥♥♥♥ out of ur ass
:sbpatr::sbangr: Player Hax boys trying to be men left the game

:sbpatr::sbangr: Asian Seminal Fluid : i hope they dont start quitting already
:sbpatr::sbangr: (Infected) Asian Seminal Fluid : wrong chat

:sbpatr::sbangr: єℓ Dιαвℓσ : part pooper

:sbpatr::sbangr: eat my dead ♥♥♥♥ : great teamwork on one side
:sbpatr::sbangr: Player eat my dead ♥♥♥♥ left the game

:sbpatr::sbangr: nuks : omg
:sbpatr::sbangr: nuks : i shiutted on myself
:sbpatr::sbangr: spongydelics : boomer jumpscare

:sbpatr::sbangr: bobgaming42 : u smoke grass
:sbpatr::sbangr: Player bobgaming42 left the game

:sbpatr::sbangr: Tally: it's fun exploring the different monsers

:sbpatr::sbangr: Gustavo Fring : you dumpster baby
:sbpatr::sbangr: spongydelics : i am the man who killed gus fring
:sbpatr::sbangr: Gustavo Fring : that means ur a ♥♥♥♥

:sbpatr::sbangr: Bingo: my ex's name was Michael.. so Im gonna pick the other team. No hard feelings
:sbpatr::sbangr: Michael: fair enough

:sbpatr::sbangr: animebro639 : ♥♥♥♥ you all and your life

:sbpatr::sbangr: jrestes : Now that's real aimbot

:sbpatr::sbangr: funnymoneyman : i wanna be quoted

:sbpatr::sbangr: The Don : my trigger slipped 8 times
:sbpatr::sbangr: The Don : i ate kfc
:sbpatr::sbangr: The Don : slippery hands
:sbpatr::sbangr: SnowMint : prob should kys then

:sbpatr::sbangr: 『ϻʟӄ』AcidCoke : ad me and go crim
:sbpatr::sbangr: IamMaggic : bro add a ♥♥♥♥♥ to your phone contacts and get some puss

:sbpatr::sbangr: Dream : are you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ klidding

:sbpatr::sbangr: Jtr50 : bruh stop gun butt spamming
:sbpatr::sbangr: Jtr50 : it just ruins the fun

:sbpatr::sbangr: The ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Man : sure. tell the tiny ♥♥♥♥ aimbot user to switch

:sbpatr::sbangr: KatieLeDerp : I'm a good player, stop telling me to not go to the ledge, I know lmao
:sbpatr::sbangr: redpyramidthing : then dont go to the ledge
:sbpatr::sbangr: KatieLeDerp : I've been playing this game for 2 years, I think I know how to play just fine
:sbpatr::sbangr: redpyramidthing : then dont walk to ledges

:sbpatr::sbangr: Player fun? left the game

:sbpatr::sbangr: BitchKitty : iilss\
:sbpatr::sbangr: Lucky 13 : ^
:sbpatr::sbangr: redpyramidthing : LMFAO
:sbpatr::sbangr: boingers : LMAOOOOOOOO
:sbpatr::sbangr: BitchKitty : damn do i have to do EVWERYTHING
:sbpatr::sbangr: Lucky 13 : my mans
:sbpatr::sbangr: Player BitchKitty left the game

:sbpatr::sbangr: monke : youll get someone whos going to rage
:sbpatr::sbangr: monke : MY ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ SPIT
:sbpatr::sbangr: monke : HIT THE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ AIR???
:sbpatr::sbangr: Spoon in a box. : willie is it true
:sbpatr::sbangr: Player monke left the game

:sbpatr::sbangr: KrispyBakon : Do not steal kills
:sbpatr::sbangr: redpyramidthing : unless its funny*
:sbpatr::sbangr: SPEC KrispyBakon : You really wanna play that game with me redpyramid?
:sbpatr::sbangr: redpyramidthing : yeah man
:sbpatr::sbangr: KrispyBakon : Enjoy your free vacation redpyramid

:sbpatr::sbangr: (Survivor) petgyrl04 : wish had boomer bike

:sbpatr::sbangr: † Monte † : qurrf

:sbpatr::sbangr: Girask : bad people men
:sbpatr::sbangr: Girask : really bad people
:sbpatr::sbangr: Player Girask left the game
:sbpatr::sbangr: Player Derpy left the game
:sbpatr::sbangr: Player DreadMaun left the game

:sbpatr::sbangr: Amlo papa xD 444 : Ñ
:sbpatr::sbangr: Amlo papa xD 444 : DENLE PUTOS
:sbpatr::sbangr: 4CN : you are the punk ♥♥♥♥♥

:sbpatr::sbangr: Guppy McDingus : quitters
:sbpatr::sbangr: Guppy McDingus : gg
:sbpatr::sbangr: Player Guppy McDingus left the game

:sbpatr::sbangr: Swanky Kong: waiting at the gates for 0 reason, typical
:sbpatr::sbangr: spongydelics: i wasnt
:sbpatr::sbangr: Swanky Kong: i saw you there
:sbpatr::sbangr: spongydelics: i was opening the other gate
:sbpatr::sbangr: Swanky Kong: try to play nice and this is what you get
:sbpatr::sbangr: Swanky Kong: keep that in mind next nurse you get
:sbpatr::sbangr: spongydelics: im not the felix
:sbpatr::sbangr: spongydelics: im the ada

:sbpatr::sbangr: Solid 2 Inches : oh sit

:sbpatr::sbangr:(sic) : the game is called left 4 dead
:sbpatr::sbangr:(sic) : and u got
:sbpatr::sbangr:(sic) : left for dead

:sbpatr::sbangr:Snoober: rards.

:sbpatr::sbangr:Satan : jukk snijer'

:sbpatr::sbangr:Satan : how do I kick everyone on my team

:sbpatr::sbangr:Eggs : The Littlest Hobo : it's like the least charming people in the world all congregated to play l4d2

:sbpatr::sbangr:shotgunhero: its raining tacos
:sbpatr::sbangr:LoFi Samurai 528: taco raining on yollu

:sbpatr::sbangr:(Survivor) ☆★Lord♚Diablo6̷6̷6̷★ : STOP GAY PORN

:sbpatr::sbangr:(Infected) ☆★Lord♚Diablo6̷6̷6̷★ : smoke 1e
:sbpatr::sbangr:(Infected) spongydelics : mfer playing chess
:sbpatr::sbangr:☆★Lord♚Diablo6̷6̷6̷★ : choke me

:sbpatr::sbangr:(Survivor) Sabed_465 : i am lag

:sbpatr::sbangr:spongydelics : mfer i do more damage than you in your life tf you kicking me for

:sbpatr::sbangr:Jack McKockauf : nah she like shammoo the whale they got a replacement

:sbpatr::sbangr:Desbug : well theres no point running this back so gg i guess
:sbpatr::sbangr:Desbug : everyone quit
:sbpatr::sbangr:Pee brain : ya gg
:sbpatr::sbangr:Desbug : i think you guys play this too much

:sbpatr::sbangr:HAPPY : buy trast
:sbpatr::sbangr:HAPPY : trash

:sbpatr::sbangr:J3SUS: no
:sbpatr::sbangr:J3SUS: hard rain
:sbpatr::sbangr:Scorpion: the sacrifice?
:sbpatr::sbangr:Scorpion: we wont go to ravenworld?
:sbpatr::sbangr:ВАЗ-2105.К375СВ.34.rus� joined.
:sbpatr::sbangr:Wacko: Son, you suggest a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ half campaign again and we're gona have to put you down
:sbpatr::sbangr:Scorpion: ♥♥♥♥ off
:sbpatr::sbangr:Scorpion left.
:sbpatr::sbangr:Babyboss left.
:sbpatr::sbangr:ВАЗ-2105.К375СВ.34.rus� left.

:sbpatr::sbangr:Gatsu : (Survivor) Treecko777 : i am so happy, i am filled with drugs
:sbpatr::sbangr:Treecko777 : franch

:sbpatr::sbangr:halfbakedkitty : poor louid

:sbpatr::sbangr:Player Slot Available : you're already 70% water
:sbpatr::sbangr:Player Slot Available : just drink yourself
:sbpatr::sbangr:halfbakedkitty : thats kinky

:sbpatr::sbangr:Squidwizard : gorp

:sbpatr::sbangr:(Infected) Ace : orgasmns

:sbpatr::sbangr:Alexa : I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ hate jockey so much. I slipped off coaches giant milkdud like he waxes it.

:sbpatr::sbangr:MR DOOM : Thel : my vibrator charges better than that
:sbpatr::sbangr:MR DOOM : JISUU : U guys are the survivors from the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ trailers:sbpatr:
Are an Enigma
:sbangr::sbpatr:*DEAD* Zero : he really did shake his ass in the face of death

:sbangr::sbpatr:Pungabot : can't spell pan jumpscare without pab

:sbangr::sbpatr:Gregger : wassup guys its me gamingfrancis298 and today i just failed on doing a l4d2 trick and died

:sbangr::sbpatr:*DEAD* Evil Tom Brady : grr im gonna retire AND actually stay retired

:sbangr::sbpatr:Cyrus : where is my cargirl wife

:sbangr::sbpatr:*DEAD* TheChosenOne : pyro should have the ability to randomly explode

:sbangr::sbpatr:E.L.F (Ear Licking Fanatic) : I used to think fatigue was pronounced fatty gay for like 12 years of my life

:sbangr::sbpatr:Martan215 : switched to engie and a spy was summoned out of thin air after minutes of spychecking as pyro

:sbangr::sbpatr:THE EGGPLANT MAN, DAVE MILLER! left the game (Client Disconnect)

:sbangr::sbpatr:*DEAD* optimi : bubbles you direct-hit slinging powerpuff girl

:sbangr::sbpatr:*DEAD* Kopfwunde : spongydelics is what i aspire to be in this game
:sbangr::sbpatr:*DEAD* Kopfwunde : absolute god man

:sbangr::sbpatr:critterlover1 was automatically assigned to team RED

:sbangr::sbpatr:Mostly Harmless : curses, killed by lemmy kilmeister

:sbangr::sbpatr:meow : you an interesting critter bro..

:sbangr::sbpatr:v0id : i just watched spongy slaughter so many ppl

:sbangr::sbpatr:rep0rter : spy that made me yell at a decibal only dogs could hear

:sbangr::sbpatr:*DEAD* i have crippling debt : how did you not take splash damage demo
:sbangr::sbpatr:i have crippling debt : spongydelics is def hacking
OldManWojak Sep 4 @ 3:24pm 
Dinkleberg's deathrun gmod
OldManWojak Sep 4 @ 3:23pm 
My name at the time I think was ezanbelikeswag
BrothaSteel Aug 27 @ 9:17pm 
+rep Committed to blinding me while I was Nurse. Hope the game was scary for you and that you had fun :)
Bowling Pin Aug 15 @ 7:14pm 
Kazmo Professional Jul 29 @ 4:27am 
giving you a free +rep on your profile…enjoy!
Mike Hawk Jul 15 @ 7:55pm 
-rep A little ♥♥♥♥♥ with issues