Zander Hayes

Please state your business here or on my discord Splinks#0325.

If you would like to talk about modding or just have some question.
I tend to be on my modding group along with other modders.
We do our best to help new dudes and dudettes out with their projects
....all within reason of course :)



To be honest im not really active on facebook, so steam pretty much is my
online home; but if you want to check out my mug then feel free
to visit the following.
My Facebook [www.facebook.com]

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Workshop Showcase
The survivors thought they had destroyed the mysterious Sis, but they were wrong. After an anonymous tip, they board a zombie airbus to intercept top secret glub documents, containing the thickest plot yet.

This will be the final chapter of the Glubtast
983 ratings
Created by - Dr. Face, Reliantlers, Dovy, and Huge Package
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Created by - Splinks
321 ratings
A 183 audio file replacement mod for the Trader

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🍝The Great Papyrus!🍝 May 6 @ 4:10pm 
Hey, I'm just adding you to get a price on the poker games.
The Gaming Lilac May 5 @ 11:36am 
Hello Splinks, I would like to know if I could port your ThugPro mod of Whiterun to another game (Modiverse) since it's a decent rip and my ripping software doesn't work correctly in Steam games? Credit would be given of course.
nightsparta Apr 14 @ 9:28pm 
Hello, Splinks
Can i use some of your parts from your Withered Freddy model, please Respond back if not then do not respond to this message
Good day!
im suprised he still exists.
phrog Mar 29 @ 6:09pm 
SexySlav Mar 23 @ 12:33am 
poker night at the inventory trading???????
add me