Gus   Columbia, Missouri, United States

*DEAD*(TEAM) that guy : spy as anal pistons

Mr. Moustachio | Kill Me : does their pyro know how to do anything except spam airfart?

1:31 PM - crab_f ✿: i love u
1:31 PM - crab_f ✿: how big is ur cock i wanna see if it would fit in my mouth or ass

Yipyapper_ : imagine having a bunch of slaves and a field full of cotton... how do those 2 entities interact?

9:08 PM - evil #mcm: hustling kids out of their virtual items smh

[5:51:39 PM] (Channel) duck: Φ gus lunean does ur sister like anal powerjacks

3:46 PM - crab_f: ur pretty good at shitpositng
3:46 PM - crab_f: i wont lie

[12:10:48 AM] (Channel) ENGIE: GreenKing - Ring Me: tf2 is sports lol

6:54 PM - tacos ringme: When u rip the headphones off ur mother and get grounded for the night

ЯK! Will has renamed their The Marxman to Brandon
ЯK! hiway has renamed their The Marxman to Miller
ЯK! gus has renamed their The Marxman to is
ЯK! simmonsrb has renamed their The Marxman to the
ЯK! Randy has renamed their The Marxman to greatest
ЯK! benvaria has renamed their The Marxman to sniper
ЯK! Antonym has renamed their The Marxman to of
ЯK! Fallen :3 has renamed their The Marxman to all
ЯK! Zero has renamed their The Marxman to time.

8:18 AM - analbirthday: happiness tastes a lot like eating ass

spu: 103 people watching gus taunt me on stream

2:51 PM - spu: ur retarded

9:36 PM - jewish lego: hey I heard u wanted 6s mentoring
9:36 PM - jewish lego: so first u grab ur mouse
9:36 PM - jewish lego: and second u take ur waistband and pull it out a lil
9:36 PM - jewish lego: thirdly u just smash ur mouse as far as u can up ur ass
9:36 PM - jewish lego: until only the cord is peeking out
9:36 PM - jewish lego: that is my 6s strategy guide thank u

--------------------------------------SILVER PLAYER SHITTALK--------------------------------

8:31 PM - -=RiP=-Nect0[CL]: I've been in gaming, on competitive and professional teams for 20 years. Anyone who refuses to even try out is hiding something or to arrogant for their own good.

--------------------------------------STEEL PLAYER SHITTALK---------------------------------

[6:47:05 PM] (Channel) basskl: how does it feel to wake up everyday and know your hated by everyone you interact with?

11:35 AM - bw!: you have nothing on me
11:35 AM - bw!: and you know it

6:06 AM - Vegan: "burst is the only good player on this list that is silver level or above"
6:07 AM - Vegan: do NOT shit post on my threads. I didn't kneel to you and give the spot right away. Go the fuck back to silver where you belong and don't talk shit because you have nothing to say
6:13 AM - Vegan: idc who you are or what "acomplishment" you have in a joke league like UGC. I don't care what you did in "gold" I don't give a fuck if you are fucking geosus or satan or fathom. If you act like you already have a spot on my team, and then say shit on the forums because your ego is so fucking big because you got carried hard by a sniper and got 2nd in silver! OMG so good 10/10 give him the pyro spot because he is a UGC GOD and IT DOESN'T AMTTER HOW FUCKING HUGE HIS EGO IS BECAUSE HE CAN CARRY THIS TEAM FULL OF NON-SILVER PLAYERS TO THE TOP OF STEEL. 8AM I think would like to have you, maybe ngc <3 guessing you didn't think you could play low gold/ high silver or even middle silver. Nope went straight to steel. Good job dude, you got denied by A STEEL TEAM

*DEAD* Tommynitenite : betytre than all of you lol
Tommynitenite : not even the same league
Tommynitenite : name one player whos better than me
Tommynitenite : literally no one
Tommynitenite : i kick the shit out of you guys all day long

DrDanny : can you guys play real classes?? we are about to leave...
gus lfp: are engi and sniper not real classes?
Rangercake : nothing less expected from gus thoug

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Nice nodus derpis, you squeak sooooo hard too randy...GET GOOD SCRUB
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anal pistons v.2 inc
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anybody got some spare pistons lying around?
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LOVEU anal pistons