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I really can't stress enough how much fun I had in this game, but I'll try. Hedon, released by Zan, was originally a doom 2 mod that ended up aiming higher and higher for all the right reasons.
Granted, you can still play the mod version and you'll still have a superb experience but if you want further updates and content you'll have to get it on steam.
And believe me, after you're done playing the campaign, you'll want more. A sequel or a DLC is a good possibility and I'm hoping for one.

Now let's talk about the game itself. All you need to know about the protagonist is that she's badass, half-orc, half-demon and her name is Zan. Oh, and she's good at killing, and there will be aplenty.
The start is a bit slow but when the action kicks in, it really kicks in. Of course a slow start is not something unheard of in a good game and I could probably list at least a dozen of great games that start slow.
So while the first mission is the setup, once you reach the second mission you're already killing and slaying enemies like a maniac and doing so is rather satisfying.

The guns feel perfectly balanced and are quite unique. I especially like the nail gun and used it the most for long range attacks.
Your arsenal is definitely not that big (you do have alternative fire modes to the guns though and that's always a plus) but by the end you realize what you had was more than enough.
One of the more powerful guns you get a bit late in the game but once you have it you'll end up using it the most cause it's perfect for all the enemy types.

Did I mention enemies, enemies and more enemies? I know I did cause that's all you'll see for most of the time on each map and at a point you'll end up killing everybody and have to look for the next way forward, perhaps a key, perhaps a small puzzle to solve, it really varies depending on the mission.
I also liked the various environments created: you get forests, caves, lava, snowy mountains, temples. I think making different environments such as these was a great decision cause I always remember games easier based on their different environments.

The story of the game is alright and there's a lot of mistery and fantasy involved which is enjoyable. I can't really comment on the length of the campaign cause it really depends on the type of player you are. Maybe you're the type that wants to explore everything and find all secrets.
There's journals, a few characters that "talk" and in-game texts that you find around that shed a light about the world created or can help you proceed forward in your quest.

If you played all the games that the game took inspiration from like Hexen and Thief The Dark Project you'll recognize their them in the game at one point or another.
There's a stealth element to it as well that I didn't expect and it was more than welcomed and don't tell me the forest levels didn't remind you of the Pagans from Thief, taffers.
I forgot to mention the map and how useful it is showing you the keys required for the doors and such, here's hoping others take note of it.

The atmosphere and the soundtrack of the game are so good. Buying usused music from Deus Ex was also a smart choice even if, rarely, feels out of place but it's a fantasy world with some modern elements here and there so I guess that works.
And, there's probably a lot more to say but I suppose it's best for the people to experience themselves.

In short: If you're a fan of the old school shooters what are you doing here? Go play it! If you're not a fan of the old school shooters, Go play it! You'll become one.
The developer really put his heart and soul into it and it really shows so I guess it's time for us to show him our support.
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