lil john
ozfortress s20 inter - 1st spn70kgfatty
ozfortress s19 inter - 1st sadboys
ozfortress s18 open - 4th bamboozled

angry gamers
frag stealing genius : NO FEAR
mosy #tell that to kanjiklub : NO FAEAR
xoxo : shut up cunt

*DEAD* xoxo : why u taunting faggot
*DEAD* xoxo : you've spent more hours on mge than myself, rocky and deft together and ur stil trash
xoxo : spin cunt you're worse than kismyh
*DEAD* xoxo : lmao
*DEAD* xoxo : spin ur actually a faggot
*DEAD* xoxo : kill yourself
xoxo left the game (Disconnect by user.)

hertz's giant nose : ur fb is very unsettling
hertz's giant nose : nose uprising
hertz left the game (Disconnect by user.)

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