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Cyberpunk 2077
•  ⠀ Keyboard:   Razer Ornata Chroma
•  ⠀ Mouse: Razer Mamba Elite
•  ⠀ Mouse Pad: Razer Goliathus Extendend Chroma
•  ⠀ Monitor: AOC CU34G2
•  ⠀ Chair:   DXRACER
•  ⠀ Headset:   Razer Kraken ANC Ultimate

•  ⠀ CPU:   Intel I5 8400
•  ⠀ GPU: JetStream RTX 2070 Super
•  ⠀ RAM: XPG 16GB
•  ⠀ Motherboard:   ASUS Z370 TUF
•  ⠀ HDD: 1TB Wester Digital Blue
•  ⠀ SSD: 120GB ADATA, 512GB WesterDigital Blue NVME
•  ⠀ Cooler: Deepcool Gammaxx GT
•  ⠀ Source:   Riotoro Enigma G2 80 Plus Gold, 650W
•  ⠀ Case: Thermaltake View
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The Talos Principle

If someone ever asked you ''How video games can help you ? That's just a waste of time'', The Talos Principle might be one of the perfect example of video games to break that argument. This game it's about interesting fields that human race questioned and
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Society
  • Right and wrong
  • Artificial inteligence
  • And the most controversial and the most questioanble, human and his actions.
The Talos Principle has a an incredible story that sometimes can make you question your own life, your decisions and it can change your perspective about reality and what it really is. I cannot even consider this work as a game but maybe as a lesson about us and our purpose.


The story it's subjective and I wanna tell you one thing about it because if I write too much I will get caught in the details and I might spoil it and for sure this is an experience that you can live once. You wake up as a robot with no memories of what happend before or what might be your purpose, soon enough God (Elohim) tells you that you were awaken with the objective of gaining a place near him and gaining the eternal life. At some point after going through puzzles and collecting some of the sigils, you discover a tower. Elohim tells you that if you ascend the tower you won't have the eternal life and that many tried before you and failed. The interesting thing is that the game kind of appeals to your beliefs and by that I mean if you are an atheist in your deep you will question Elohim and you will maybe climb the tower driven by curiosty, in fact this scene have a lot of resolution to it because that is what human race is driven by, curiosty, otherwise you will follow Elohim instructions and doing your duty without forbidding his word. You will learn more about the game and the story through terminals.
The game is not linear, letting you choose the next move and having more endings, each ending reflecting your morality, choices and beliefs. It also have a lot of replay value.

The Gameplay

It's really simple, you must solve puzzle in order to explore next stages of the game. The game looks gorgeous and combined with the relaxing soundtrack resulting an incredible atmosphere. The puzzles at start are easy and going trough more they tend to become harder, however the harder ones are marked with red, medium ones with yellow and the easy ones are marked with green. You must solve the puzzles in order to reach the ending, but there are also stars that doesn't need to be collected (those are really hard and many) and by collecting them you get a secret ending. Puzzles in order to be completed you must, move a box to a terminal, reflecting lights and sometimes using airflow that will open the way to the sigil in that chamber. As I said above there are terminals, some of them have question for you and you must answer to those question in order to solve the text story puzzle.


The Talos Principle it's an amazing game, with an incredible clever plot, a relaxing atmosphere, gorgeous landscapes and a fiting gameplay. However if you think that you are not into puzzles, I can assure you that puzzles are not all that this game is about.It has a lot of content and you must sink a lot of hours in it in order to reveal the truth. With that being said I can guarantee that this game deserves all the money and it's that kind of a game that you might wanna buy even if it's not on sale right now, whichever might be this is not a game, but a lesson. One more thing, the name ''The Talos Principle'' describes the game perfectly, a very well choosen and fiting name for such an experience.
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