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Mount & Blade: :warband:arband History:

:Saxon: 1st Place: 22 | 2nd Place: 20 | 3rd Place: 11 | Total: 53 :Saxon:

:Dignity:Winner of the 2015 NWWC 10v10 (Team GB Captain).
:Dignity:Winner of the 2014 NWEC 10v10 (Team UK).
:Dignity:Winner of the [FG]Duel League (1).
:Dignity:Winner of Czolo's 2v2 Tournament (Czolo and Herishey).
:Dignity:Winner of the Nr.24 4v4 Randoms Tournament (Godly, Evan, Herishey and Nozza).
:Dignity:Winner of the HAC 2v2 Tournament (fatkoala and Herishey)
:Dignity:Winner of the 4th 10v10 Regimental Tournament (77y)
:Dignity:Winner of the 8th 10v10 Regimental Tournament (K-KA)
:Dignity:Winner of the 1st NWL Season, 2nd League (17e)
:Dignity:Winner of the 5v5 Sword Tournament (Princess Bumfluff).
:Dignity:Winner of the 77y Internal Duel Tournament
:Dignity:Winner of the EU v NA 25v25 LB (EU Team Assistant/Member)
:Dignity:Winner of the 63e Internal 2v2 Tournament (Herishey & Stark).
:Dignity:Winner of Dust's 5v5 Sword & Bayonet Tournament (TFO).
:Dignity:Winner of Lime's 5v5 Tournament (The Disciples).
:Dignity:Winner of McPero's 7v7 Tournament (TFFO).
:Dignity:Winner of McPero's 2nd 7v7 Tournament (Power Rangers).
:Dignity:Winner of Bobertini's 7v7 Tournament (TFFO).
:Dignity:Winner of RGL S5 (66th).
:Dignity:Winner of M Point's 8v8 Tournament (TBE).
:Dignity:Winner of MightyPain's 8v8 Tournament (TBE).
:Dignity:Winner of Minor League Warband on Native (NNN)
:Spirit:Runner up in the 2016 M-NWWC (GB)
:Spirit:Runner up of the Revolution GF 3v3 Tournament (Warder, Herishey and Primus).
:Spirit:Runner up in the 6v6 Kore's Sword and Bayonet Tournament (TFFO).
:Spirit:Runner up in the [FG]Sword Duel Tournament.
:Spirit:Runner up in McPero's Duel Tournament.
:Spirit:Runner up in the [FG]Duel Tournament.
:Spirit:Runner up in the 91st Internal 2v2 Tournament. (Axiom and Herishey)
:Spirit:Runner up in the 77y Internal 2v2 Tournament *Random teams*. (Mattwoofy and Herishey)
:Spirit:Runner up in the Mercenaries Christmas Duel Tournament.
:Spirit:Runner up of the 7th 10v10 Regimental Tournament (K-KA)
:Spirit:Runner up of Bobertini's 5v5 Tournament (Gren Squid).
:Spirit:Runner up of Chicken's 5v5 Tournament (The Disciples).
:Spirit:Runner up of Dan the Chef's NA 8v8 Tournament (Meme Dream Supreme).
:Spirit:Runner up of Grey Warden's 2v2 Sword Tournament (Herishey, DarkLight and Rebellious).
:Spirit:Runner up of the GFL League 1. (The Disciples)
:Spirit:Runner up of the 6th Season NWL, League 2. (33rd)
:Spirit:Runner up in Hannibals 8v8 Tournament (JediMasters)
:Spirit:Runner up in Marxiel's 7v7 Tournament (Poosy)
:Spirit:Runner up of NWL, League 1 Season 7 (63e).
:Spirit:Runner up of MightyPain's 6v6 Tournament (TBE).
:Morale:Third place in 2 of Stunned Limes 5v5 tournaments (The Disciples).
:Morale:Third Place in Hekko's Awlpike tournament (Knights of the Crusade).
:Morale:Third place in the 5v5 Regionals. (Scotland)
:Morale:Third place in the 1st Cavalry Nations Cup (UK).
:Morale:Third place in the 2015 M-NWWC (GB Cpt)
:Morale:Third place in Kore & Chickens 3v3 (MJ-12)
:Morale:Third place in the 5th 10v10 Regimental Groupfighting Tournament (93e)
:Morale:Third place in Kore's 7v7 Tournament (TFFO).
:Morale:Third place in MightyPain's 5v5 Tournament (Dikheads).
:Morale:Third place in Dust's 2nd 5v5 Sword and Bayo Tournament (TBE).

:riflesword: NW Player Card (Made by Kore); http://i.imgur.com/LEsksbQ.png

Tournament host, Owner of the Groupfighting Server (with Bobertini), NWL Co-Organiser, thread maker, top FSE poster, FSE 2018 Community Rep, founder of The Foot Guards [FG] and Original FFE Member.

Current Regiment(s); K-KA (Fw)
Favorite Regiments I was in;

17e - ESO/CplFoP (7 months)
3rdFG - Cpl (3 months till disband)
14e - Cpl (1 month)
24e - Cpt (5 weeks till disband)
91st - Cpl (2 months)
77y - LCpl/Gren (4 months)
4e/27th/Nr14/93e - CplFo/SjtMaj/RsvLt/CplFoP (1 year till disband)
18e - Fus (4 months or so)
15thYR - LtCol/CSjt (6 months)

:bow: PW;

Lannister (Ser Harlan)
The North/House Stark (Champion/Huscarl Harlan)
Kingdom of France (Captain Jerome)

:axesword: Native;

Agincourt (Heri)
Enmity (Heri)
Defenders of Faith (Heri)
Napoleonic Native Noobs (Heri)

:masonfist:Other Gaming History:

You may know me from GW2/GW1 under the name Spike, leading multiple guilds such as SoW or SpoT, I was also an officer in Claw and VICI (KYSA). Or on Call of Duty 2 from the Evolution Rifles clan.

:ambition: Conversations;

17:39 - Abu Ed'ir al Islami: I'm just heppy I'm getting hard again

19:57 - Stark: just fuck her

18:31 - Эдуард: anyway
18:31 - Эдуард: put your penis in her mouth
18:31 - Эдуард: if she doesn'T bite it means she likes you

21:25 - Stark: i need help
21:25 - Stark: HERISHEY
21:25 - Stark: FUCK ME SO HARD
21:25 - Stark: BABY
21:25 - Stark: MY PUSSY IS WET
21:25 - Herishey: honestly you are starting to worry me

20:31 - 15th YR | Gi: im not shit

20:31 - 15th YR | Gi: to have a heart to heart
20:32 - 15th YR | Gi: with you
20:32 - 15th YR | Gi: about nw
20:32 - 15th YR | Gi: like right here right now
20:32 - 15th YR | Gi: i feel like i can do well
20:32 - Herishey: go fuck yourself
20:32 - 15th YR | Gi: but alot of the time
20:32 - 15th YR | Gi: i just dont
20:32 - 15th YR | Gi: im not shit
20:32 - 15th YR | Gi: i carry in rgl and shit
20:33 - 15th YR | Gi: am i really that bad???
20:33 - Herishey: yes
20:33 - 15th YR | Gi: like
20:33 - 15th YR | Gi: tell me straight
20:33 - 15th YR | Gi: am i bad
20:33 - 15th YR | Gi: no jokes
20:33 - 15th YR | Gi: no bullshit
20:33 - 15th YR | Gi: where am i
20:34 - 15th YR | Gi: in terms of nw ability
20:34 - 15th YR | Gi: ?????

13:21 - [K-KA] Koala Escobar: all the germans are trash

17:32 - Herishey: then man grew balls
17:32 - Herishey: now I gotta show her who's boss
17:32 - sk^ 🤙: why did imagine u just
17:32 - sk^ 🤙: growing 2 balls out

21:56 - Herishey: 21:55 - [K-KA]Flammeus: who is prophet
21:56 - Dezza: what a mongrol!

20:57 - SK: yes
20:57 - SK: i feel liek a spaghetti

04:26 - Herishey: you're now the weird one
04:26 - Herishey: in this relationship
04:26 - SK: wat
04:26 - SK: i just smell
04:26 - SK: ur ass

[dix-huitième] janne: all hail
[dix-huitième] janne: king herishey

17:03 - 66th Salakien 👌: calm down demigod

22:23 - Herisnake: if you had a choice of sucking off bagins
22:23 - Herisnake: or
22:24 - Herisnake: licking a goats asshole for 3 mintues a day
22:24 - Herisnake: for a whole month
22:24 - Herisnake: which would you choose
22:24 - Herisnake: Bagins will inveitably finish in your mouth
22:24 - Voluble: option 3, suck myself off and lick my own asshole for 3mins a day for a whole month
22:24 - Herisnake: can you lick your own asshole?
22:24 - Voluble: im super flexible
22:25 - Voluble: i got 10mm jump reach in my fitness test!

23:11 - Voluble: golden becomes sole leader
23:11 - Voluble: this problem doesnt happen again
23:12 - Herishey: soul*
23:12 - Herishey: he's not a fucking fish

16:59 - Herishey: np pickle
17:00 - [92nd] ExoticFail: wtf
17:00 - [92nd] ExoticFail: dats r00d
17:00 - Herishey: no thats a term of endeerment
17:00 - Herishey: xoxox
17:00 - [92nd] ExoticFail: so dats me?
17:00 - [92nd] ExoticFail: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/bb/Pickle.jpg/1200px-Pickle.jpg
17:01 - Herishey: yeah
17:01 - Herishey: everyone loves a pickle
17:01 - [92nd] ExoticFail: xDD
17:01 - [92nd] ExoticFail: jesus chris
17:01 - [92nd] ExoticFail: t

[13:57:10] Depressed Cunt Ciiges: he's wank
[13:57:40] Herishey: i love u
[13:58:11] Depressed Cunt Ciiges: thanks
[13:58:15] Depressed Cunt Ciiges: I love myself too
[14:02:53] Herishey: I know that ^^

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Nero May 16 @ 2:14am 
god bless ur soul herishey
Herishey May 16 @ 1:00am 
Lemon Sole or Dover Sole is a type of fish you silly idiot!
Nero May 15 @ 1:47pm 
23:11 - Voluble: golden becomes sole leader
23:11 - Voluble: this problem doesnt happen again
23:12 - Herishey: soul*
23:12 - Herishey: he's not a fucking fish

literally fucking what
Herishey May 14 @ 8:54am 
He's quaking in his boots now.
Hypno May 14 @ 7:52am 
subs here to pop this fool
Herishey May 14 @ 6:17am 
I'll set my subs on you.