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ttv/Benprofessional Jan 28 @ 7:30am 
np dude
Spiffy Jan 27 @ 12:51pm 
All good soy, I'm sorry for my comment
bro momento Jan 27 @ 11:23am 
hey, i saw you left a comment on my profile saying that im absolutely trash and that i spent whole game sitting in the locker. actually i got kicked out of the game but my friend told me that the game shows im still in it so it was clearly not my fault, i didnt mean to make you guys mad or something i literally had nothing to do with all of that so, i just wanted to make things clear
BILLIE ELLISH Jan 18 @ 5:05am 
+rep snoot booper wp
Spiffy Jan 14 @ 4:04pm 
You threw the game because you were overconfident. You use small pp build. You don't think I knew you had DS + Unbreakable? I still happily downed you, because you wasted time trying to chase after me to get my attention, while you could've easily been working on a gen for a full minute with practically full invulnerability. Still trash piss baby
Boi Jan 14 @ 3:27pm 
I was disappointed in the team because Claudette knocked the skill check and dropped the palett as the killer was at the other end of the map. I click because i have DS and unbreakable.