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Big Hit

Escape from the Royal Tomb


Escape from the Crypts

Occultist Culling

Escape from the Ritual Chamber

Esoteric Etymology

Assisted in escaping the Ritual Chamber

Step by Step

Escape from the Dark Stairwell

Ascending Acuity

Assisted in escaping the Dark Stairwell

The Pointy End

Assisted in escaping the Royal Promenade

Astriction Constriction

Escaped the Royal Promenade

Layer Illustrator

Succesfully installed Windows

The Joy of Puzzling

Assisted in installing Windows

Maze Jogger

Escaped the Arena

The Runner Games

Assisted in escaping the Arena

Parallel Peril

Escaped the Battlefield

Gordian Knight

Assisted in escaping the Battlefield

Too Hot To Handle

Escaped the Incinerator


Assisted in escaping the Incinerator

Relation Elevation

Was this sacrifice neccessary?

Ups and Downs

Was there another way?

Conundrum Comrades

Invite a friend who is good at solving puzzles!

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